Have a Homegate Party with ShelterLogic

There’s a big football game being played on Sunday, and there will be a championship feeling in the air. Whether your favorite team is playing, or you have no rooting interest at all, the best way to celebrate the day is with a small backyard homegate party!

While a tailgate party is an outdoor bash that takes place before a sporting event at the parking lot of a stadium, a homegate party that you hold in your backyard. A tailgate party will include a grill, a tailgate canopy, portable folding chairs, a sturdy but compact camping table, a trusty metal cooler, and plenty of food and drinks.

A homegate party gives you all the benefits of a tailgate without the added stress of gameday traffic, need to prep food the night before, or the need to pack your car or truck with tailgating gear. Additionally, homegating allows you to keep your party as intimate as you’d like. You can make it a family affair, or just invite the neighbors over for a pre-game meal.

While the big game atmosphere can make tailgating a unique experience, you can replicate the feel in your own backyard. In fact, when you’re homegating, you aren’t restricted to one or two parking spaces. You’ll have more room to set up tables and chairs, games like cornhole, and to generally just stretch out. Also, you’ll have the convenience of setting up and breaking down your backyard in your own time frame, and not when the stadium parking lot is open.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the cold Kansas City area, the warmth of the Tampa Bay area, or anywhere else in the United States. Even thought the 54 of the 55 of big championship football games have been played in warmer weather or indoor stadiums, it’s a sport that’s played in just about any weather. Those who tailgate at Kansas City games dress in layers to stay warm. Fans of the team in Tampa know how to stay cool under the blazing sun.

From food to shelter, here is what you need to plan and host a small backyard homegate party for the big game.

The Right Gear for a Homegate Party

Tailgating with a Quik Shade Pop-up CanopyTailgating with a Quik Shade Pop-up Canopy

Pop-Up Canopy: Quik Shade pop-up canopy is great for homegating or tailgating in any weather. It offers UV protection on bright, sunny gamedays, and is water resistant to keep you dry when it rains. It also anchors to the grass so it will stay put in the wind.

ShelterLogic Party TentShelterLogic Party Tent

Party Tent: A ShelterLogic party tent assembles with ease and can offer additional space from the elements. You can enclose a party tent when it’s cold or keep it open when you want fresh air. Or you can just attach one or two walls for additional protection from the sun and the wind.

Get a grill gazebo and enjoy cooking out in the shadeGet a grill gazebo and enjoy cooking out in the shade

Grill Gazebo: Enjoy cooking out in the shade. A grill gazebo from SOJAG will protect your grill and your skin from the elements. Grill gazebos even have built-in counter space that can be used for food prep or serving up delicious BBQ treats.

Portable Camping Tables from RIOPortable Camping Tables from RIO

Camping Table: Portable camping tables from RIO are the perfect accessory for tailgating or homegating. They are lightweight and portable for keeping in the car and bringing on the road. They’re also compact enough to keep handy on a shelf in your garage.

Homegating Menu

Next to football, food may be the most-important element of a homegate party. You may just want to cook some burgers and dogs or be a little more creative with the menu. Here are some fun suggestions for your homegate menu.

Easy Homemade Salsa RecipeEasy Homemade Salsa Recipe

Easy Homemade Salsa: Who doesn’t stand around the table eating chips and salsa until the bowl is empty? This recipe for restaurant-quality salsa is simple to make and fun to serve.

Buffalo Chicken Dip RecipeBuffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Buffalo wings are a fun finger food, but they can be awkward and messy to eat. Plus, where do you put the bones? This version gives you everything you love about wings without the mess.

5 Ingredient Easy Chili Recipe5 Ingredient Easy Chili Recipe

5 Ingredient Easy Chili: Served in bowls or cups, chili is very easy to eat while standing around a tailgate. Additionally, you can pour chili over tortilla chips, add topping, and create a serious tray of nachos.

Grilled Chicken Kabobs RecipeGrilled Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Grilled Chicken Kebobs: Who says tailgate and homegate food can’t be healthy? Grilled chicken kabobs are low in fat and have plenty of vegetables. Your kids will have fun eating them, too.

Have Fun at Your Homegate

You can sit around and eat and drink at a homegate party, or you can have some fun, too. Those who are athletically inclined may want to throw a football around or play some cornhole. Others may want to play a game or two. Here’s a few suggestions for some non-strenuous homegate fun.

This or That Homegate Edition Game CardThis or That Homegate Edition Game Card

This or That: Do you prefer beer or soda? Burgers or hot dogs? Choose this or that and compare your answers with your guests. It may even help you pre-plan for the next football championship game!

Homegate Bingo Game CardHomegate Bingo Game Card

Homegate Bingo: Can’t find the remote? Usually that’s a bad thing on the day of the big football championship game. But in Homegate Bingo, you can mark that box off!

Superbowl Winner Emoji CardSuperbowl Winner Emoji Card

Pick a Winner: Whether you’re a professional prognosticator or someone who has never seen a game before, it’s always fun to try to pick who’s going to win the game. You don’t even have to place a wager!

Make ShelterLogic Group a Part of Your Homegate Party

In addition to gear for tailgating and homegating, ShelterLogic Group manufactures and sells many products for outdoor activities. Check what RIO has for camping and the beach, Quik Shade has for the backyard and the park, ShelterLogic has for the patio and driveway, and SOJAG has for the patio and deck.