The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Backyard Building
Are you looking to store your vehicle away from the elements? Perhaps you just want some extra space to keep gardening equipment or patio accessories in the offseason. No matter the reason, you will not regret investing in a storage solution for your backyard space. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing a backyard building.

Deciding What to Store in Your Backyard Building

The first thing you want to figure out when looking for the perfect storage solution is what you’ll be storing inside. Take stock in all the items you have. Don’t be afraid to pull out the measuring tape, either. It’s important to pick the right size. You don’t want to crowd a smaller shed full of items when you could have simply chosen a larger shed. ShelterLogic has everything from compact options to commercial storage solutions.

Fabric or Steel?

Once you’ve figured out what size works best for your space, it’s time to choose the fabric for your backyard building. Both fabric and steel sheds are reliable and multi-functional. How do you choose what’s best for you? Fabric Sheds: Fabric is perfect if you want a convenient and portable storage solution. It is incredibly affordable, yet durable. They feature a waterproof and UV-treated polyethylene cover with a powder-coated steel frame. If you’re planning on moving a shed, or don’t need a permanent solution, fabric is a great choice. Steel Sheds: For a long term, permanent, and ultra-strong choice, steel sheds are an ideal option. This will protect against rot, insects, and rough weather. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Compact Choices for Your Backyard

If you’re searching for a durable shed with a small footprint, meet the EZEE Shed. This choice is great for a gardener looking to store waste baskets along with shovels and other gardening equipment. The best part about the EZEE Shed is its unique design that cuts hardware down by half. Fewer parts to put together means faster assembly. It may be cost effective, but you aren’t taking a shortcut on value. Pad-lockable handles also up the security in your backyard space. The EZEE Shed also includes:
  • Unique bonding process that increases thickness and overall strength
  • Gable vents for added air circulation
  • All steel door handles for better rust resistance
Another fantastic steel compact storage solution is the Versa shed. This is ideal for recycling bins and small garden tools and other supplies. This choice also has a lock as well as hands-free lid support with a self-balancing lid. If you’re looking for a smaller backyard building with a fabric cover, consider the Garage-in-a-Box. Perfect for storing automobiles, smaller trucks, and lawn equipment, this affordable option gives you the choice to move around your property whenever you see fit.

Larger Options for Your Backyard Building

You may want to have a workspace in addition to your storage area. Or perhaps you have more than just a vehicle to store away from the elements. There are many different larger options with both steel and fabric construction. For a spacious storage solution made with HDG Steel, The Commander Series will give you the space and durability you need. The huge door opening is large enough to store a boat or a roomy workshop or gardening center. If you’re looking for commercial storage or something to store multiple vehicles, a fabric customizable building is an affordable choice. ShelterCoat Custom Shelters have a powder-coated steel frame with thousands of choices to choose from. You can create your own building up to 100 ft. long. You can even choose your style: peak, round, or barn. If commercial or bulk storage is your highest priority, ShelterTech SP Series has the greatest number of size options and roof styles in its class. You’ll get easy installation and unmatched strength with easy installation at an affordable price. When you’re on the quest for your perfect backyard building, size, portability, and price all come into play. At ShelterLogic, there is a size and price point for any backyard space.