Wind and Snow Rated Winter Storage Shelters
Winter’s fury can wreak havoc on your belongings. Whether you’re trying to keep your car out of the ice, or a boat safe from snow, investing in winter storage shelters is essential. There are multiple reliable storage buildings that will make sure your items are safe from the rough weather.

Creating Perfect Winter Storage Shelters

When it comes to choosing the perfect place to store your belongings, first, it’s time to figure out what you will be keeping in the winter storage shelters. If you are keeping a large amount of expensive equipment, or multiple vehicles, you want to find a durable shelter that can be customized. ShelterTube storage buildings are wind and snow rated, but also fully customizable up to 100 ft. long. This is an ideal option for storing anything from tractors, to ATVs and even bulk storage. All ShelterTube buildings are wind and snow load rated, and can withstand up to 80 MPH winds and a snow load of 43 PSF. These are also incredibly durable thanks to the 15-gauge steel square tube frame. In addition, the fabric is even customizable. You can choose from three covers:
  • Standard 9 oz: UV-Treated, 100% waterproof, 1-year prorated warranty
  • Heavy Duty 14.5 oz: UV-Treated, 100% waterproof, 10-year prorated warranty
  • Ultra Duty 21.5 oz: UV-Treated, 100% waterproof, 15-year prorated warranty
These covers also come in up to 5 different color options.

sheltertech winter snow storage

Winter Storage Shelters in 3 Distinct Styles

ShelterTech is another ideal choice when looking for customizable winter storage shelters. These are made of top-of-the-line raw materials. They come in 3 different styles:
  • Peak style: Designed for an easy installation
  • Round style: Most effective in shedding the elements
  • Barn style: Increase in cubic storage space
Not only do you get to choose your style, you can pick your width and length as well. These storage buildings are stronger than most steel pipe fabric buildings, but they’re also more affordable than permanent structures. So, whether you’re looking to store multiple vehicles, or create a large workspace outdoors out of the elements, this is a great choice. You can also choose from two different rip-stop and UV treated fabric covers. For a perfect blend of affordability and durability, ShelterTech is the answer.

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Choosing the Right Carport

If you’re looking for an area to store your vehicle or outdoor equipment, a carport could be the answer for you. The best part about Arrow Carports are you can choose any size up to 100 ft. long! Each carport is wind and snow load rated that can really withstand that heavy snow fall. Other benefits to an Arrow carport include:
  • Withstands wind up to 100 MPH and snow load of 35 PSF
  • Faster and easier assembly with pilot holes and self-drilling screws
  • Rounded roof and overhang for additional protection from the elements


When you’re deciding on the best options for winter storage shelters, first ask yourself how much space you’ll need to store items. Then, figure out if you need an actual storage building, or if a carport might do the trick. Either way, any of these durable options are wind and snow rated, and will be sure to keep your items safe in even the roughest winter weather!