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  1. Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

    Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home
    When the temperature begins to rise and the clocks spring ahead, it becomes time to say goodbye to those winter blues!

    One way to say hello to spring is to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and get your living space decluttered and re-organized. Although spring cleaning should be an annual ritual, many of us see it as a daunting task. But if you ignore it altogether, it could have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health.

    The thought of spring cleaning can be scary, especially if you think of it as a one-day job. Even trying to get all your spring cleaning done over an entire weekend can bring feelings of angst. But psychologists say that spring cleaning can also help you manage stress.

    Here’s how you can tackle spring cleaning one task at a time and declutter your life.
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  2. How Medical Screening Tents Provide Reliable Spaces for Screening Patients

    How Medical Screening Tents Provide Reliable Spaces for Screening Patients

    When the threat of infectious diseases grows, hospitals and medical centers may require additional spaces for patients, doctors and nurses. Medical tents and medical screening tents are convenient solutions for patient testing, storing medical equipment, and setting up emergency screening spaces. Fabric buildings and portable tents are in high demand when there’s an epidemic or pandemic, such as the flu or COVID-19. When the need arises, these structures can be quickly assembled and easily anchored t...

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  3. Garden Prep: What to Do in the Offseason

    Garden Prep: What to Do in the Offseason

    All gardeners know once the temperatures drop, there can be a bit of a winter lull. But just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do around the garden or the greenhouse. Plus, you don't have to put your gardening hobby on hold: you can do some winter gardening! With the right tools, like cold frame greenhouses, you can even grow some winter hardy vegetables while preparing for the spring. Or, should you decide to take a break, you can close your garden down and enjoy...

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  4. Caring for Your Tarp Building in Winter

    Caring for Your Tarp Building in Winter
    Come wintertime, having the perfect outdoor storage building for your vehicle and snow removal equipment is invaluable. Whether you’re storing your automobile or a snow blower, you can ensure your belongings will stay safe in a tarp building.

    Strong, sturdy fabric garages and fabric sheds are excellent, affordable tarp buildings that can handle tough weather all year long. They’re great for keeping vehicles and plows ready for action, as well as for storing your offseason gear and equipment.

    However, it’s important to make sure your tarp building is prepared for the possibility of snow or other winter weather. Before winter comes, fabric buildings need to be cleaned and inspected to confirm they are up to the task.

    We recommend you take the following steps to make sure your tarp building stays in great condition this season.
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  5. Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event and Party Tents: Should You Rent or Buy?

    Event tents are an ideal way to shelter guests from the elements no matter what type of party you’re throwing. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or even backyard barbecues, party tents and shades will make guests more comfortable and allow your get-together to go off without a hitch. Many people aren’t sure whether to rent or buy an event tent. There are pros and cons to each, and you should first figure out how you...

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  6. On Site Workshops: Storage and Shelter for Any Industry

    On Site Workshops: Storage and Shelter for Any Industry

    Businesses that conduct work outside require sturdy, dependable shelter to get the job done. Temporary buildings like fabric sheds, garages, canopies, and storage buildings make excellent on-site workshops for a variety of businesses.

    If your business is growing at a rapid pace, or it is simply outgrowing its existing space, a temporary building may be the right short-term solution.

    What Is a Temporary Building?

    Simply put, a temporary building is a structure that is not meant to be permanent. A temporary building like a garage, shed, or carport is cost-effective, and makes the perfect on-site workshop.

    There are a few ways that they differ from permanent structures.

    For example, the materials used to construct a temporary structure are different. While a permanent building could consist mostly of bricks, concrete, and lumber, a temporary building typically uses lighter-weight materials. However, that doesn’t mean a temporary structure is fragile: they are, indeed, built to last. Some temporary buildings are even wind and snow load rated*, which means they are ready to take on tough weather.

    Also, while they should always be anchored** for safety’s sake, temporary buildings do not need to be built atop a concrete slab or a wall foundation.

    Examples of temporary buildings include metal sheds, metal garages, fabric sheds, fabric garages, and canopy tents. While temporary, they are sturdy, stable, and require little maintenance. Temporary structures are easy to assemble and can be taken down or moved when the need arises.

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  7. Winter Greenhouse Tips

    Winter Greenhouse Tips

    By the time your fall harvest is completed, you will need to decide what you’ll do with your greenhouse for the winter. There are several things you can do with your portable greenhouse or commercial greenhouse: you can take it down and store it for the winter, remove the cover for the season, or leave it right where it is. However, no matter your decision, you will need to winterize your greenhouse. Need a great portable greenhouse option? Here are some of our favorites:

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  8. Simple Landscaping Ideas for an Attractive and Functional Backyard

    Simple Landscaping Ideas for an Attractive and Functional Backyard
    Your backyard is the natural outdoor extension of your home. Coming up with simple landscaping ideas that promise to enhance your backyard space can be a fun (albeit tedious) project for any homeowner.

    You can transform your backyard into party central, a quiet sanctuary for you and your family, or something that’s nice to look at from your kitchen window.

    Before you dig in, you need to draw a scaled map of your backyard. Your map should include all existing sheds, trees, walkways, fencing and gates, playscapes, patios, decks, and irrigation systems. Then make an overlay to show what you want to add and remove.

    Developing the best possible backyard landscaping ideas for your needs often starts with some tough questions
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  9. Winter Equipment Storage Solutions

    Winter Equipment Storage Solutions

    Whether you need your snow blower after a blizzard or just an ice scraper on a frosty morning, it’s so important to have all your winter equipment ready and accessible when you need it. However, it’s not just for convenience: when your winter equipment is protected from the snow, ice, sleet, and corrosive materials, it will work efficiently and will need to be replaced less often. From small storage sheds you can keep near your front or back door to detached garages you can keep in your backyard or o...

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  10. Grower's Guide: Tips for Successful Winter Gardening

    Grower's Guide: Tips for Successful Winter Gardening

    When the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your gardening hobby for the winter season. With winter gardening, you can turn your agricultural hobby or desire for fresh produce into a year-round activity. Winter gardening may be easier in areas where winter weather in the United States is milder. However, with a standard greenhouse or a cold frame greenhouse, it’s very possible to grow a variety of root vegetables, fruits, and herbs in Canada and the par...

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