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Tough Metal Structures for Protection from the Elements

Need a multipurpose structure to protect people and property from the elements? Shop for tough metal garages and carports from Arrow Storage Products.

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    Murryhill Steel Storage Building
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    Murryhill Steel Storage Building
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    Arrow RV Carport
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    Freestanding Patio Cover/Carport
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    Attached Patio Cover/Carport
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    Arrow Carport
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    • 10-year warranty
    • Available in 10 ft, 12 ft. and 20 ft. widths
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Carports and Garages to Fit Your Budget and Needs

If you need a versatile shelter solution for your car, tractor, boat, or personal belongings, you’ve come to the right place. Arrow Storage Products has the right metal garage and metal carport solutions for your budget and needs.

And as you’re going to discover, garages and carports can do more than just protect your vehicles. Metal carports and metal garages are multi-purpose structures than can enhance your home, your office, and even your community!

From Storage to Shade, Metal Carports Serve Many Purposes

Let’s start with your home. You can install a metal carport on your deck or patio to provide shelter for your family and friends. Also, you can put a metal carport over your kids’ play area to shelter them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you are a home improvement guru, a hobbyist, or love to work on your car, a metal carport is a must. You can change your oil, cut wood or tile, paint doors, and more under your carport and stay protected from the rain or the sun.

Metal carports are great in the business world, too. A carport can be placed on a patio to create an outdoor break area: let your co-workers relax and enjoy lunch outside! It can also double as a space for outdoor meetings, or as an area to hold an office party.

Carports are also a welcome addition to municipal spaces. They can be installed at the town park to create a shade shelter for active people to rest in the shade, or as a public picnic area, as a pavilion for the swimming pool. Solar panels can also be placed on carports in municipal parking lots to create renewable energy source for your town or city.

Arrow’s carports are built to last. Some carports are even wind and snow rated: you can be confident that they’ll stay put in the toughest weather conditions. Some of our carports can take on winds of up to 100 mph and snow loads of up to 35 pounds per square foot!

A Metal Garage for Storage, Work, and Play

A metal garage can be used to store heavy equipment or bulky items that you don’t want in your home or yard. Instead of renting a self-storage unit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure on your property.

Beyond storage needs, metal garages can also be used in the business world. A metal garage can be a great private office space for small business owners or people who work from home. Contractors can also use metal sheds as a safe and secure storage space for their electrical, carpentry, and plumbing tools and supplies.

Metal garages are great for entertainment and relaxation, too. If you don’t have a private home get-away, one can be used as a man cave, or she shed. And if your kids’ toys and games are taking over your home, a metal garage can be made into a playroom and entertainment center.

Arrow Metal Carports and Metal Garages: Made from Premium Materials

When you buy an Arrow metal carport or metal garage, you know you’re getting a product that’s built-to-last. The high-quality steel we source goes through a thorough pre-manufacturing process that treats it and tests it for overall superiority.

Whether your premium-quality Arrow garage or carport is made with powder coated or hot dipped galvanized steel for rust and corrosion resistance, it’s guaranteed weather the elements year after year, season after season.

Why Choose an Arrow Metal Garage or Metal Carport?

Arrow Storage Products is a leading American manufacturer of metal carports and metal garages products. We’ve been building durable and attractive steel products that you can depend on for more than 60 years. An innovative steel storage market leader, Arrow is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing, growing American manufacturing jobs, and delivering affordable and high-quality steel storage solutions for global customers. In addition to all-steel carports and garages, Arrow is a premiere manufacturer of all-steel storage sheds and firewood racks.