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A Custom Wood Shed at the Fraction of the Cost

Want a wood shed but shy away because of cost? Build your own with the Ironwood Shed Frame Kit.

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    Ironwood Shed Frame Kit
    Arrow Storage Products
    • Features all-steel roof beams
    • 12 year limited warranty
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Custom Build Your Own Wood Shed

If you’ve always wanted a wood shed for your backyard, garden or patio, but have shied away due to sticker shock, The Ironwood Shed Frame Kit from Arrow Storage Products could be the perfect solution for you. The Ironwood Shed Kit allows you to create and customize the wood garden shed of your dreams. Featuring all the metal components you’ll need to build your own shed, simply select your choice of wood wall panels (sold separately) and get building!

Developed to give customers a more affordable and customizable wood shed option without having to spend thousands of dollars, the Ironwood Shed Kit is a practical and affordable backyard storage shed solution. Great for homeowners and DIYers, this shed kit includes:

  • All-Steel Metal Shed Frame Kit: The galvanized steel support beams are hot dipped for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Lockable Sliding Doors: The shed’s sliding steel doors give you easy access to stored items and can be secured with a lock to keep them safe.
  • Galvanized Steel Roof and Beams: Extra-strong roof beams offer additional support for your shed and holds the high gable roof in place

Why Choose an Ironwood Metal Shed Frame Kit

If you want a custom backyard storage shed that can blend with your home exterior, then the Ironwood Shed Frame Kit is an excellent choice. The metal shed frame kit lets you get the look and feel of a wood shed at a more affordable price. You can stain or paint your panels to complement your home or backyard space. Here’s why the Ironwood Shed Frame Kit could be an excellent option for you:

  • Customizable: Configure your own Ironwood Shed by choosing the metal shed frame kit that will best match your home’s exterior. Choose from 3 frame size options and 2 frame color options.
  • Flexible: The metal shed frame kit allows you to apply your shed’s design, giving you the option of setting the wood paneling either vertically or horizontally.
  • Safety and Security: Keep your items safely stored under lock key.
  • Roomy Storage: The high gable, high wall and wide doorway make storing bulky and oversized items easy and convenient.

Why settle? Get the shed you want at a great price. With the Ironwood Shed Frame Kit you’ll get a customized wood garden shed at a fraction of the cost: simply select the size and frame color you want, and order the wood paneling (sold separately) in the color and material that best matches your aesthetic. Then enjoy great looking backyard storage without breaking the bank.