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Island Inspired Margaritaville Coolers for Every Party

Need a tough, reliable cooler to keep drinks cold until the party's over? Margaritaville's island inspired coolers make entertainment easy.

  1. Model #TC54MV-12-1
    Margaritaville Landshark Cooler, 54 qt.
  2. Model #RC200SSMV-09-1
    Margaritaville Rolling Oval Stainless Steel Cooler, 77 qt. Margaritaville Chill
    • Bottom tray adds storage space
    • Integrated bottle opener

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Nothing can spoil a day of fun in the sun like warm drinks. Keep your guests cool with outdoor coolers from Margaritaville. Whether it’s having chilled water at a tailgate, or cocktails fresh by the patio, you’ll find an island inspired choice that will keep that party going all night long.

Margaritaville Coolers for Every Party

Choose from an array of gorgeous outdoor coolers that are sure to make entertaining as easy as a day on the beach. Each of these outdoor coolers is packed full of features to make your life easier.

Size: When it comes to outdoor coolers, size matters. Choose from a variety of sizes for any type of outdoor event. From a compact two-in-one table and ice bucket option for a smaller get together, to 77 qt. rolling outdoor coolers, you’ll be able to accommodate any amount of guests you desire. Margaritaville coolers hold dozens of cans at one time, making entertaining a breeze.

Convenience: Forget having to go back and forth from the patio to your refrigerator inside with Margaritaville coolers. These outdoor coolers provide a simple yet stylish way to keep your drinks or food cool. Choose from options with a built-in bottle opener, rust-proof drain cap, and a towel bar. Enjoy models with an bottom tray for extra storage, wheels for easy transport, and even coolers that lift of the base for transport.

Durability: Margaritaville coolers aren’t only designed with beauty in mind. They’re made to last season after season, with attractive wood options made of FSC poplar wood, and ultra-durable stainless steel outdoor coolers perfect for any weather. Finished with rugged outdoor paint, Margaritaville coolers are manufactured to stand up to the elements.

Style: If you want to leave like you’re on beach vacation every day, you’ll love Margaritaville coolers. These coolers are adorned with tropical patterns and colors, making it a perfect addition to your outdoor furniture décor. It’s always 5 o’clock with bright Landshark outdoor coolers that will brighten up any patio.

Whether you need an oversized cooler for your patio, or a more portable option for a smaller gathering, Margaritaville coolers are a stylish and convenient choice to bring your party to the next level. Never worry about luke warm drinks again with these dependable outdoor coolers, made to last.