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A Compact Canopy Tent Designed for Portability

Do you need a super-portable shade solution that sets up simply and can be used anywhere? Shop for a Quik Shade Go Hybrid pop-up canopy.

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When you need reliable and functional shade in a snap, a Go Hybrid Canopy from Quik Shade is your go-to piece of outdoor gear. When you don’t have time to spend setting up outdoor shade, but need to stay cool for hours, this pop-up canopy is an ideal option for any outdoor event.

Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy: The Perfect Shade Solution

When you want to stay out of the sun’s harmful UV rays at the beach, or need a cool spot to relax at your next tailgate party, you won’t have to worry about complicated setup with Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy options. These attractive pop-up canopies block the heat and provide a simple way to make your day more enjoyable. A Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy offers:

  • Versatility: A Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy can be used anywhere you need fast and reliable sun protection. The ultra-light, 3-piece aluminum telescoping legs are designed for many types of terrain. That means whether you want to setup a canopy at the beach or a campsite, these versatile sun shelters will have you covered.
  • Portability: The Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy is designed for simple setup, tear down, and transport. Only one person is required for assembly, thanks to the construction using pull-pin sliders and push button leg extenders. A deluxe backpack storage option makes packing up and heading home a simple process, too.
  • Quality: The Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy has overlapping eave construction to provide incredible stability along with a hardened rivet assembly for added strength. The 19T polyester Aluminex fabric provides 99% UV protection.

Portable Shade for Maximum Fun

The only limit to the Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy is your imagination. When you want incredible sun protection in an instant, these sun shelters are an ideal option for any outdoor occasion, including:

  • Backyard barbecues: Make sure friends and family have a comfortable spot to eat food off the grill and enjoy a beverage.
  • Farmer’s markets: Protect your goods by keeping them out of the intense heat with a pop-up canopy.
  • Sporting events: Bring a pop-up canopy to a baseball or football game to stay comfortable the entire game.
  • Outdoor concerts: Bring fun to a whole new level with a sun shelter at your next concert.
  • Work sites: Keep employees safe from the heat by utilizing a canopy to keep everyone cool.

No matter your needs, the Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy is guaranteed to keep you cool and relaxed for seasons to come.