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Reliable Full-Size Folding Chairs for Your Outdoor Needs

Do you need a portable full-size folding chair for the beach, campground, or backyard? You can count on Quik Shade for reliable, rugged full-size folding chairs.

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A Portable Full-Size Chair for Your Outdoor Needs

Are you looking for a durable, portable full-size chair that you can take to the beach, the park, or anywhere else you want to have a seat? Then you’ve come to the right place! Quik Shade manufactures reliable full-size folding chairs that you can rely on for your outdoor needs.

Why a Folding Full-Size Chair Matters

Full size portable folding chairs are important for people on the go. Whether you lead a super active outdoor lifestyle, or you just like to attend open air events, you should always have a full size Quik Shade portable chair handy. It comes with a convenient carry bag, which makes it easy to take anywhere and simple to store in your auto, closet, shed, or garage.

Though they are made with the toughest materials available, our full-size portable chairs will give you ultimate comfort. Full size portable chairs have sturdy steel frames and rugged fabric seats. Our chairs are extremely lightweight, and can support up to 225 lbs.

You can get a chair with built-in mesh cup holder for your drink and with an attached fabric carry bag for your personal belongings! Some portable full-size chairs have a built-in adjustable canopy top, which gives you extra protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays!

Features and Benefits of a Full-Size Chair

When you choose a portable full-size chair from Quik Shade, it will include these features and benefits:

  • Tough, Lightweight Steel Frame: The sturdy lightweight frame is made of the strongest and steel available.
  • Stain and Moisture Resistant Fabric: The breathable coated polyester seat and seatback repels water and resists stains. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth or a disinfecting wipe!
  • Mesh Cup Holders: Don’t worry about kicking your drink over: cup holders are built into the arms of the chair!
  • Complete Portability: Your full-size chair has its own handy carry bag. Store it in a closet, garage, basement, or car and take it out when you need it next!

Bring Your Full-Size Chair Anywhere You Want to Take It

You can bring your portable full-size folding chair anywhere you want to take it. They’re great for the beach, a picnic, fishing, camping trip, sporting events, concerts in the park, and other places where comfortable outdoor seating may be scarce. When you’re done using it, your chair folds to fit in a convenient carry bag and can be kept in your car until it’s needed again!

Full-size folding chairs are not just for travel: they’re also great to use at home. Use one in your backyard when you take a break from yard work, or just want to relax on your patio or deck. You can store a few full-size chairs in your garage, basement, or backyard shed so you’ll be ready to entertain when company comes.

No matter when and where you use a reliable Quik Shade full-size folding chair, you’ll know it’s a reliable product that’s made of top-quality materials and built to last!