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Market Umbrellas Add Style and Function to Your Backyard

Quik Shade's rugged LED Market Umbrellas will protect you from the sun by day, and lets you entertain well into the night.

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    LED Market Umbrella, 9 ft. Red
    Quik Shade
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If you’re looking for a durable shade solution to add both style and function to your backyard space, you’ll love patio umbrella options from Quik Shade. These gorgeous umbrellas also offer ultimate versatility with built-in lights to ensure your comfort both day and night.

Add an LED Market Umbrella to Your Outdoor Oasis

Patio umbrellas add a touch of class and a ton of function to your backyard. Whether you need an escape from the bright sunlight in your garden, or a sun shelter for entertaining on your back porch, these LED market umbrella options provide attractive features for everyone, including:

  • Style: Choose from patio umbrella options in gorgeous earth tones, ideal for any spot in your yard. Add a pop of color to your outdoor décor, and curb appeal that will have your neighbors taking notice.
  • Multiple tilting positions: These umbrellas have both beauty and function. Keep the sun out of your eyes no matter what time of day, thanks to three different tilting positions for adjustable shade.
  • Sun protection: These patio umbrella options provide unmatched sun protection thanks to their spacious design. These sun shelters provide enough shade for up to eight people at a time.
  • LED lights: When you’re done using the umbrellas during the day, they don’t lose their functionality at night. In fact, these umbrellas have 432 super bright LED bulbs producing 15 lumens of light. You can even adjust the brightness to your own personal preference.
  • USB ports: Built-in ports provide a convenient spot for you to charge a phone or tablet, which means you only need to get up from your comfy spot on the patio if you want to!

Patio Umbrella Choices with Durability

These LED market umbrella options are as much about beauty as they are about brawn. They can stand up to the elements thanks to incredibly sturdy construction. Built with an aluminum frame and pole, they will be safe from both rust and corrosion. The 300D polyester denier fabric is waterproof and ultra-strong.

Place these stylish patio umbrella options on an outdoor table for added shade on your entertainment space. Or add one to your front porch or garden to increase curb appeal.