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A Run-In Shed to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Need to protect your horse from the elements while it's out in the pasture? Shop ShelterLogic for a Run-In Shed-in-a-Box.

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Keep Your Horse Healthy with a Run-In Shed-in-a-Box

Your horse is your best friend, and nothing is more important to you than its health! You need to protect your horse from the elements to prevent skin conditions, parasites, heat stroke, and other illnesses that could affect its quality of life.

Keep your horse healthy in the pasture with a ShelterLogic Run-In Shed-in-a-Box. Ready to build right out of the box, the Run-In Shed-in-a-Box is the perfect portable shelter solution to give equine and livestock instant shade and shelter that’s practical and reliable!

What Is a ShelterLogic Run-In Shed-in-a-Box?

Whether you want shelter that is easily accessible to your animals or you need extra field storage for hay or farming equipment, the Run-In Shed-in-a-Box is the perfect solution. These portable buildings have high-quality steel frames, which are covered with heat sealed fabric to protect your horse, feed, or equipment from the elements.

These instant shade structures are open-ended: your horse runs in one end of the Run-In Shed-in-a-Box to take a break and runs out the other end when its refreshed and ready to graze in the pasture. You can also use a Run-In Shed-in-a-Box as a place to keep your horse’s hay and feed dry and easily accessible.

What Comes with Your Run-In Shed-in-a-Box?

No matter how you plan to use a ShelterLogic Run-in Shed-in-a-Box, your shelter will come with these remarkable features:

  • Powder Coated Steel Frame: Our 1 3/8 in. diameter pipe frame is made from high quality steel that is treated for protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Ripstop-Tough Fabric Cover: The cover is heat sealed, waterproof, and UV treated inside and out to protect it against mold and fading.
  • ShelterLock Stabilizers: These steel stabilizers are at every rib corner of your Run-In Shed-in-a-Box to give it rock-solid strength and stability.
  • Protective Boots: These boots are on all corners of the run-in shed to prevent your horse from accidental injury.
  • Ratchet and Easy-Slide System: This it to keep your Run-In Shed-in-a-Box cover taught on the frame.

Why You Need a Run-In Shed-in-a-Box

A practical, reliable Run-in Shed-in-a-Box can be set up anywhere to give horses and livestock a place to escape the rain, heat, and harmful UV rays. These portable fabric shelters can also be used to store hay, livestock feed, farming equipment, and anything else you need to protect from the elements. However you plan to use one of these portable, multipurpose structures, you’ll know it was built to stand up to the elements and last a long time!