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A ShelterLogic Firewood Rack for Better Wood Storage

When seasoned firewood is delivered to your home, what do you do next? Do you throw a tarp over it and wait for the first cold night of the fall to start a fire in the hearth? Or do you neatly stack and organize it on a metal firewood rack?

For reliable, affordable seasoned firewood storage, take a look at the wide variety of ShelterLogic metal firewood racks. Sturdy, easy to assemble, and reasonably priced, ShelterLogic firewood racks are perfect for storing logs to use in your fireplace or fire pit.

Metal Firewood Racks are Necessary for Good Burning Wood

Seasoned firewood that’s left in a heap on the ground is a serious waste of money. Even if you throw a tarp over it, your logs will get wet and moldy, attract bugs, and prematurely rot. That means the fires you build won’t burn as long or hot as continuously seasoned firewood.

That’s why metal firewood racks are an important investment for your wood burning needs. They’re designed to let you neatly stack and orderly organize your logs off the ground, so they’ll stay clean and dry all year long.

ShelterLogic Firewood Rack Features

Whether you choose a heavy duty or an ultra-duty model, your ShelterLogic metal firewood rack includes these exceptional features:

  • Super-Strong All-Steel Frame: Your metal firewood rack is built of the strongest steel and is powder coated to resist corrosion, rust, scratches, and hold a lot of logs.
  • Off-The-Ground Log Storage: This keeps your seasoned firewood elevated to prevent moisture, bug infestation, mold growth, and wood rot. These things cause your seasoned firewood to spoil, and result in fires that won’t last as long or burn as hot.
  • Open-Air Access: Metal firewood racks are engineered to provide proper air flow and keep your firewood continuously seasoned. This also makes your firewood easy to access from the front or back of the unit!

Why Choose a ShelterLogic Metal Firewood Rack

ShelterLogic is a proven leader in metal firewood racks. When you buy a metal firewood rack from ShelterLogic, you’ll get a high-quality product that will last long after the fire goes out, and long after your rack needs to be refilled. Be sure to choose a metal firewood rack from ShelterLogic today!

Bracket Kits for DIY Firewood Rack Projects

Want to build a custom-made firewood rack? ShelterLogic bracket kits allow you to build your own! Provide your own lumber and use our brackets to create your own masterpiece. These ready to build kits include all the hardware you need to create your own firewood storage system!