Testimonials & Case Studies

G. Robert Hampson - Rochester, MA

SP Series Barn 20 x 44 x 18 ft.

Mr. Hampson had been renting a storage space for years when he was told that the owner was selling the unit, and he would no longer be able to occupy the space.

Faced with the decision of finding another rental space or creating a sheltered area on his own property he decided that the most "cost effective" and convenient way to go was with a fabric tensioned structure. Fortunately, he didn't have very far to look. You see, Mr. Hampson has been the happy owner of a smaller ShelterLogic unit for years.

Having directly experienced the "durability" of a ShelterLogic structure, Mr. Hampson had the confidence to trust our shelters with more of his valued possessions. Mr. Hampson mentioned that he appreciated the fact that ShelterLogic structures were "easy to erect..." and "well-constructed."

Mr. Hampson decided on the SP Series 20' Wide Barn unit which he is currently using as his Workshop as well as a storage area for his boat. He mounted it on a solid concrete foundation and is enjoying the convenience of having this space right outside his door step. When asked if he would be recommending us in the future he noted: "Yes, of course. It is a good product."

“ In spite of the huge snowfall here the building was 100% OK during all the blizzards. We had over 8 feet of snow in places on our property, and except for one wet snowfall when my wife had to assist - with the backside of a big push broom from inside the building - getting snow off the roof (I was in California of course) all the snow blew off the roof, and when the sun came out the green color helped heat up the building, so the rest melted off. ”
SP Series Barn 20 x 44 x 18 ft.
SP Series Barn 20 x 44 x 18 ft.

Project Spotlight: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Mission:

To find a structure to house their Zodiak RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), a high ticket, customized Patrol Vessel. A suitable structure would need to be resilient enough to combat a Canadian winter yet affordable enough to stay on budget.

The Solution:

SP Series Round 14 x 28 x 15 ft. with PVC Ultra Duty 21.5 oz fabric (15/3 year pro-rated warranty).

The Story:

When the Chief was tasked with finding the appropriate structure to fit the Troop's needs, he wanted to ensure that all of the effort he put into this process would be rewarded with a unit that would last for years to come. Since he had seen our units locally, he decided to contact us to help guide him through the process.

One of his main concerns was choosing a unit with the strength to survive Canadian winters which are notoriously windy and wrought with snow. By choosing the ShelterTech SP Series Round unit, it afforded him the 85 MPH wind load and 60 PSF ground snow load protection that is vital to ensure the unit's longevity in their region.

When the Chief called, ShelterLogic made it a point to address the size of the vessel including the trailer height. With a tall light bar and wheel house the Chief also wanted to ensure that when they pulled the Zodiac in and out for patrols, or in emergency, there would be enough clearance so as not to damage the structure.

Now fully installed, the Chief said that he is highly pleased with the quality of the structure and is looking forward to its many years of service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

SP Series Round 14 x 28 x 15 ft.
SP Series Round 14 x 28 x 15 ft.
SP Series Round 14 x 28 x 15 ft.

Thomas Kenia - Moscow, PA

SP Series Round 22 x 32 x 13 ft.

Mr. Kenia's search for a storage solution began after finding that he was running out of space in his older shelter and needed to upgrade. He searched the internet, came across ShelterLogic and gave us a call. Mr. Kenia said that he found ShelterLogic representatives "very helpful and [Customer Service] is very knowledgeable."

He "needed a large and affordable building" like the SP Series 22' wide Round shelter, to store his tractors, boat and third car. Mr. Kenia mentioned that the unit took only one and half days to install and Mr. Kenia "loves how [large] the building is." Mr. Kenia goes on to say that with the old unit "things got buried." Now he can "maneuver around things and it's more organized."

Mr. Kenia wrapped up his testimonial by confirming his delight with his structure saying: "The building looks great and well built. Everything in the building stays clean and dry."

SP Series Round 22 x 32 x 13 ft.
“ The building looks great and well built. Everything in the building stays clean and dry. ”