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  1. Why You Should Choose a Carport Kit Over a Full Garage

    Why You Should Choose a Carport Kit Over a Full Garage

    Carport kits and full garages offer homeowners a convenient covered space to store motor vehicles and other large equipment that you don’t necessarily want exposed to the elements. There are several things to consider when choosing between a carport kit and a full garage. For example: what do you need to store, property size and zoning regulations, and how much money you have to invest.


    This post will help you understand the difference between a carport kit and a full garage, and the benefits of each type of structure.

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  2. The Big Football Game Calls for the Ultimate Backyard Homegate Party

    Have a Homegate Party with ShelterLogic

    There’s a big football game being played on Sunday, and there will be a championship feeling in the air. Whether your favorite team is playing, or you have no rooting interest at all, the best way to celebrate the day is with a small backyard homegate party!

    While a tailgate party is an outdoor bash that takes place before a sporting event at the parking lot of a stadium, a homegate party that you hold in your backyard. A tailgate party will include a grill, a tailgate canopy, portable folding chairs, a sturdy but compact camping table, a trusty metal cooler, and plenty of food and drinks.

    A homegate party gives you all the benefits of a tailgate without the added stress of gameday traffic, need to prep food the night before, or the need to pack your car or truck with tailgating gear. Additionally, homegating allows you to keep your party as intimate as you’d like. You can make it a family affair, or just invite the neighbors over for a pre-game meal.

    While the big game atmosphere can make tailgating a unique experience, you can replicate the feel in your own backyard. In fact, when you’re homegating, you aren’t restricted to one or two parking spaces. You’ll have more room to set up tables and chairs, games like cornhole, and to generally just stretch out. Also, you’ll have the convenience of setting up and breaking down your backyard in your own time frame, and not when the stadium parking lot is open.

    It doesn’t matter if you live in the cold Kansas City area, the warmth of the Tampa Bay area, or anywhere else in the United States. Even thought the 54 of the 55 of big championship football games have been played in warmer weather or indoor stadiums, it’s a sport that’s played in just about any weather. Those who tailgate at Kansas City games dress in layers to stay warm. Fans of the team in Tampa know how to stay cool under the blazing sun.

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  3. Plan a Vacation: Even If It's Local or In Your Backyard

    Plan a Vacation: Even If It's Local or In Your Backyard

    We all need to plan time off from work to spend quality time alone or with family and friends and recharge our minds. However, taking paid vacation time is something not every American worker is doing. According to the U.S. Travel Association, American workers left an average of 33% of their paid time on the table last year.

    National Plan a Vacation Day, which is the last Tuesday in January (this year, it’s January 26), reminds us to plan our vacation at the start of the year for the rest of the year. The earlier you plan a vacation, the more ready and relaxed you’ll be when your vacation time gets here.

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  4. The Important Benefits of Gazebo Curtains

    The Important Benefits of Gazebo Curtains
    Gazebo curtains aren’t just a convenient way to add privacy to your gazebo and protect you from the elements in rain or shine — they are your secret weapon to creating your very own backyard oasis with vibes reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Don’t believe us? Google luxury hotel gazebo, look at the pictures, and you’ll see that the majority of them have curtains. It’s not a coincidence, folks. Putting curtains on a gazebo is like pu
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  5. Prefab Metal Garage or a Traditional Wood Garage: Which Should You Choose?

    Prefab Metal Garage or a Traditional Wood Garage: Which Should You Choose?
    Before you commit to buying a detached garage, it’s important to decide which material is better for you: a prefab metal garage or a traditional wood garage. Metal garages have become increasingly popular in the past 60 years due to their affordability and low maintenance, while wooden garages have maintained their niche as the best choice for custom projects. In this article, we will address the pros and cons of each material so that you can make a con
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  6. Extending Your Outdoor Space With a Wall-Mounted Gazebo

    Extending Your Outdoor Space With a Wall-Mounted Gazebo

    A wall-mounted gazebo is a terrific structure to get the most from your patio or deck even in the winter months. Whether it uses steel, polycarbonate, or fabric, a wall-mounted gazebo can allow you to use your patio or deck throughout the year. You might have questions about wall-mounted gazebos: What is a wall-mounted gazebo? Why would I want one? What’s the difference between a hardtop and a soft top? Can I use it to drink hot buttered rum outside in the dead of winter? (Yes, yes you can.) Below, we answer all these questions and more.

    What Is a Wall-Mounted Gazebo?

    Just as you'd expect, a wall-mounted gazebo, sometimes known as an attached gazebo, is a gazebo that connects to the outside of your house. SOJAG offers hardtop and soft top wall-mounted gazebos with sturdy powder-coated aluminum frames. These structures provide excellent sun, rain, and snow cover so every day can be a good day to relax on the patio. SOJAG's wall-mounted gazebos also come with mosquito netting and curtains to provide extra coverage and privacy during buggy summer evenings or brisk winter mornings.

    Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Gazebo

    When you add a wall-mounted gazebo to your house, you add an additional living space where you can host guests or just enjoy your time outside. Sure, your patio may already be a well-used part of your house, but what happens when it rains? Chances are you aren’t going out there with an umbrella to enjoy your breakfast. A wall-mounted gazebo means you can have your breakfast outside, rain or shine.

    Extreme Versatility...

    With a wall-mounted gazebo, you can essentially treat the space as an extra sunroom or dining room. The durable structure will easily block rain, sun, and snow so you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting wet or damaged by the weather. Make that space as plush, cozy, and unique as you want. Since the gazebo is right next to your house, you can easily include features that require
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  7. Planning an Upgrade for your Swimming Pool Area

    Planning an Upgrade for your Swimming Pool Area
    Is your pool area in need of a fresh new look? Whether you want to completely remodel your swimming pool or just give it a facelift, this is the perfect time to do a backyard makeover. An inspiring pool design can breathe new life into your property and increase its value.

    With these simple tips, you can plan an upgrade for your swimming pool area and make the most of your outdoor space. Then, take your pool design from great to amazing with personalized touches.

    Why Update Your Pool Design?

    If you’ve had a backyard pool for a few years, it’s time to update your swimming pool design. Modernizing your pool and equipment will increase safety, keeping your family out of harm's way both in and out of the water. Upgrading your pool will also reduce water and energy consumption which will bring down your monthly pool costs.

    A backyard makeover can completely transform your yard, creating a place your whole family will love. Updating your swimming pool will increase the functionality of your pool area and help you make the most of your outdoor space.

    Tips for Upgrading Your Backyard Pool Design

    A backyard makeover doesn’t have to be complicated. You can recreate your outdoor living space with a few simple changes. Whether your redo the pool or add a great poolside shelter, you can enhance the beauty of your yard and create a safe space for your whole family to enjoy. Get ready to lounge by the pool in style with these backyard makeover tips.
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  8. Creative Uses for a Carport

    Creative Uses for a Carport

    A carport doesn’t have to just be for your car. Carports can be a great idea to add storage and functionality to your property without much extra cost. Whether you want to DIY a simple carport or have someone else come in to install it, these creative carport storage ideas might make you consider getting one even if you don’t have a vehicle.

    What is a Carport?

    A carport is a structure that generally has a fabric or steel roof with steel post supports. They are strong and sturdy, typically meant to hold up against rain and snow, and require very little maintenance. They can also provide good shade coverage for the summer months. Carports typically don’t include doors or walls, though some can be fitted with add-on wall kits. They provide overhead shelter and allow you to effectively protect anything that you can fit underneath from the elements. Depending on the type of carport you choose, you can also assemble them virtually anywhere. To learn more about carports, check out our what is a carport blog post.

    Why Do You Need a Carport?

    Carports are incredibly versatile and useful, so they are great for any family looking for a little extra storage room in their home. Carports are great for keeping cars protected from the elements in all seasons, but even if you don’t have a car, they can still add value to your property and be incredibly useful for storing other outdoor equipment.

    How Much Does a Carport Cost?

    If you’re willing to DIY your carport or get a kit that you construct yourself, you can find quality carports for under $900 like the free-standing Arrow Carport for $879.99. If you want a larger carport or to have it custom-made or preconstructed on your property, it can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more. However, given the amount of coverage and value that the carport provides it might be well worth it especially in areas with extreme weather like hail or intense sun. Plus, because they do not require a foundation, most municipalities do not consider it taxable property so you won’t have to pay extra property tax if you get one. For specific details on taxes and permits for getting a carport in your area, we recommend checking with your local authorities for specific laws and policies because each place will be a little different.

    Carport Types

    The two main types of carports that you can get are free-standing or wall-mounted carports but you can also choose different design types for sizes such as single bay, double bay, or tandem. Both free-standing and wall-mounted will provide coverage for your car or other outdoor storage needs, but have different benefits. Depending on your house location and structure and the surrounding outdoor space, you may find that one design is more desirable for your needs.


    Free-standing carports are exactly what they sound like — they stand on their own without support from a pre-existing structure. These carports have four steel beams and are fully self-supported so you don’t need to worry about making sure you have space close to your house or garage to add it. Freestanding carports are best for when you have a lot of land on your property or know you want to be able to move your carport to different locations. Freestanding carports are typically the most versatile and open-aired option. Unlike wall-mounted carports, these will generally not have a wall on one side meaning they are fully open to the elements on all sides unless you specifically invest in a wall on one side.


    You may know wall-mounted carports as lean-to or attached carports. These are linked to another building like a shed, garage, or home. The carport structure will typically have at least two supporting beams on the side away from the building so it can take on more weight in the case of heavy rain or snowstorm.

    Single Bay

    These carports are simple, one-spot shelters for just enough room for one car. They can either be attached or free-standing.

    Double Bay

    Double bay carports are large enough to allow for two cars to park under the carport next to each other.


    If you want the space to cover two cars, but don’t need them to be next to each other, this option might be for you. A tandem carport has room for two cars to park one behind the other. This is ideal for properties with less space.
    One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether you’ll buy a metal carport or a fabric carport. Check out this blog post about the pros and cons of metal and fabric carports so you can make your decision with confidence.

    Creative Carport Ideas

    Protecting your car is far from the only way you can use a covered carport. Check out some of these inventive carport ideas that are actually attractive and useful.

    Patio or Deck Covering

    Create a modern outdoor kitchen under an attached carport for year-round coverage and a comfortable place to host friends and family in the fresh air. Even if you don’t want to construct a whole new outdoor kitchen, you can also use a carport as a freestanding patio cover further away from the house as well. With larger carport options, you can have a large space even in the winter months that can be fully protected and available for you to use outside. The carport will also protect patio furniture, your grill, and other outdoor comforts that you enjoy on the patio.

    Backyard Picnic Pavilion

    Similar to the patio covering, you can also use a carport to cover a picnic table or eating space. Along with practical coverage, this can look stylish and is ideal for summer lunches to avoid overheating or sunburns.

    Cover Playground Equipment

    Use an extra tall carport to cover a small play structure or move sandboxes and other potable playground equipment under a standard carport to shield it from rain and snow. In the summer months, this can also be a great place to let your kids play without any worry of sunburn.

    Outdoor Meeting Area

    Is your workspace starting to feel a little cramped? Do you want the luxury of holding your in-person and virtual meetings outside in the fresh air? A carport-covered outdoor meeting space is just the thing you need. Set up a seminar table or some comfortable chairs to create a charming, business-ready space to hold client meetings or work parties.

    Outdoor Carport Storage

    Whether you need to store logs, agricultural equipment, or garden supplies, a there are many different carport storage ideas... and solutions. With even an average-sized carport you can keep plenty of wood dry for the winter and stor
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  9. Building the Right Base for your Gazebo

    Building the Right Base for your Gazebo
    Congratulations! Now that your SOJAG gazebo is on its way, your property will soon have an attractive outdoor living enhancement. But before you can begin building your gazebo, you need to clear the construction area and make a base, such as a concrete slab foundation, for your structure. Here are our tips for building a gazebo base and which types of foundations could be best for your backyard.

    Prepare Your Gazebo’s Construction Area

    Before you can build your gazebo, you need to prepare t
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  10. Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Outdoor Gazebos: Which is Best for You?

    Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Outdoor Gazebos: Which is Best for You?
    Imagine starting your day with a great cup of coffee in the shade of an outdoor gazebo. You can turn this dream into a reality with a stylish backyard gazebo from SOJAG, but how do you know which type of outdoor gazebos is best for you? A wall-mounted gazebo creates a protective cover over your back deck or patio. On the other hand, a freestanding gazebo will
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