4 Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal
Your home’s exterior makes a big first impression. A home with curb appeal makes anyone feel welcome and comfortable enough to explore inside (and maybe a little bit jealous!). Whether you’re looking to sell or simply improve your landscape, a few ideas and solutions can quickly transform an undesirable property into an attractive abode. Check out these 4 quick ways to easily increase curb appeal.

1. Cover Trash and Unsightly Eyesores.

Curb Appeal When increasing the curb appeal of your home, start by eliminating or concealing unsightly eyesores like trash and recycling bins. Unfortunately, these are a necessity for every home, so while we can’t do away with them completely, you can still certainly stow them away to avoid compromising your home’s face value. A trash bin storage solution allows you to store and conceal smelly trash bins in a durable, accessible, and multi-purpose solution. Use refuse storage to even store hoses, lawn equipment you need on hand, and other outdoor items. Either way, these units easily keep your outdoors looking neat and organized!

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2. Add plenty of flowers and greenery.

curb appeal Flowers add a pop of color and beauty to your home’s exterior. However, digging through the ground to plant around your home or mailbox is a bit more work, so not exactly a “quick curb appeal fix.” Instead, place flowers in planters on your porch, in flower boxes, or even in raised beds to easily help boost your curb appeal! This is the simplest way to give your home a facelift. Utilize different containers, rearrange them periodically, and spread them out along your front steps, by the garage, you name it. Check out these front door container gardens for more floral inspiration.

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3. Utilize attractive and accessible storage.

Curb Appeal Need storage but lack backyard space? While we’ve got plenty of backyard storage sheds as well, why not include a more compact front deck or patio storage solution? Utilize attractive and functional storage outside your home to easily store outdoor items you want close by. Want to keep gardening supplies within reach or a supply of magazines and books on your front porch? Include front yard storage that fits where you need it for an accessible stash spot. Options like deck boxes offer a spacious storage chest that not only complements any home but can double as a seating bench!

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4. Include a beneficial shade solution.

Curb Appeal A shade solution can be anything from a shade sail to a canopy, and there are plenty of ways to include either outside your home. Incorporating some kind of shade solution does not just help increase curb appeal. They also can provide a level of sun protection over seating areas, a front patio, or your driveway! For an easy and stylish DIY shade option, attach a shade sail to your home and place over your property. These solutions feature breathable fabric in multiple color options that block up to 90% of harmful UV rays. Or, get attractive vehicle shade with options such as the Monarc Canopy. With an attractive earth tone waterproof cover and a sleek black frame, this charming canopy offers sophisticated shade you can utilize however you desire. Check out more sun shade solutions and canopies below.

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Looking for more solutions that easily increase curb appeal? Shop sheds, pop-up canopies, and much more for all your shade, storage, and shelter needs. Contact us for more information.