8 Tips for Using Your Shade Cover
There are plenty of options for deck or patio shade, but shade sails offer a charmingly unique and practical solution. Not only do they provide quality sun protection, but these breathable and water-resistant solutions complement any outdoor space for gorgeous and functional outdoor décor. In order to get the most out of your shade cover, you need to use it properly! Check out these 8 tips for a long-lasting backyard shade solution.

1. Pick a good spot.

First, you need to pick an ideal area in your backyard for your shade cover. A shade sail should be placed over a spot that not only looks good but ensures you actually benefit from the shade. Include shade over your patio’s dining area, lawn furniture, or wherever the sun shines for up to 90% blockage of harmful UV rays. Further, pick a spot with anchor points within reach. Shade sails need to attach to your home, building, or other posts in order to be erected. Stay clear of electrical wires, utility lines, and tree branches.

2. Slope your shade sail.

While our shade sails feature knitted polyethylene that allows water to pass through, angling your shade cover can help maximize its water resistance. If you position your shade sail on a slope, large amounts of water are less likely to pool. Not to mention, leaves and other debris are less likely to accumulate on top with a slanted position.

shade cover3. Choose your ideal color and style.

Shade sails and shade cloths come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles for your ideal shade solution. Choose between a triangle and rectangle sail or opt for a more versatile shade cloth. Pick a color to complement your landscape while offering your ideal amount of shade.  You can even choose a standard or heavyweight shade sail cover for increased durability!

4. Make sure your cover is taut.

When setting up your shade sail, make sure the cover is taut, but not too taut. You want to make sure there’s just enough give so attachment posts and structures can withstand the pull of the product on windy days. On the flip side, loose fabric can accelerate deterioration, so keep that in mind as well.

5. Inspect your shade cover regularly.

To maximize the lifespan of your shade cover, remove leaves and other debris regularly. And as mentioned in the last tip, continuously check and retighten connection points for a consistently taut cover.

6. Don’t use over an open flame.

While it may be tempting to include shade over your fire pit, avoid an open flame under your shade sail. This is a potential fire hazard and could be dangerous if not kept at a reasonable distance.

7. Wash by hand.

Sun shade sails can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not machine wash your shade cover or use any abrasive tools to avoid rips and tears. Also keep away from aggressive chemicals such as bleach or chlorine.

8. Take it down during inclement weather.

If the forecast reads inclement weather, take down and store away your sun shade sail to prevent damage. If your region experiences a lot of snowfall, you may want to consider taking your shade sail down for the winter season altogether. Just make sure it’s dry when storing to avoid mold and mildew!

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Now that you have a few tips in mind when assembling and using a shade cover, get your own for stylish and unique outdoor shade! Shop shade sails and shade cloth and get creative with how you use yours to truly upgrade your outdoor space.

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