Halloween Party Ideas and Accessories
Looking to create the perfect Halloween party for kids and / or adults this year? If you're a Halloween enthusiast, or a parent looking to create spooky fun for your youngsters, we have just what you need. Read on to learn how you can use ShelterLogic's line of products to create the ultimate backyard Halloween bash.

Haunting Halloween Party Ideas

If you want to create a ghoulish atmosphere and the perfect haunted house, you may have thought about renting a party tent. But why rent when you can buy a tent for about the same cost as a rental? Plus, you can use this party tent for any occasion year-round like weddings or football watch parties. Our party tent features an enclosure kit which will really help create the frightful atmosphere you are looking for with a homemade haunted house. Adding different color lights, a smoke machine, and other devilish decorations will up the scare factor in this tent. This option is strong and durable with simple setup. One of the most fun Halloween party ideas is to create a haunted maze within your scary tent. Leading your partygoers through a fun-packed maze will give you more chances to scare and spook! And you can also use this versatile party tent for a great Halloween get together with friends with enough room for tables and chairs inside. Sounds like the perfect spot for a costume contest!


Halloween Carnival Ideas

Sometimes, fall carnivals can take on a Halloween theme. In this case, you have to keep in mind age appropriate decorations. If young kids are around, you certainly want to keep gory or scary décor to a minimum. This is where those small pop up tents can really come in handy! HGTV suggests a budget friendly transformation using your pop up tents and a few table runners. Simply drape different Halloween colored table runners across the tents, creating a whimsical look perfect for All Hallow’s Eve. You can put cauldrons of Halloween treats on tables, and hang fun decorations along the sides. This look is more to get people in the spirit, and less about the scare! Don’t forget to shop accessories to ensure your tents are anchored. halloween party ideas

Create a Trick or Treat Fortress

Want to create the ultimate haunted house this year but don't want to invest in a party tent? If you're someone who needs an all-purpose shelter, then you can have the best of both worlds. With a ShelterTech, you can have the ultimate storage and shelter building for practical everyday use AND you can convert it for your special occasion. Configure your own building by choosing the size, shape and color and get the perfect  fabric storage building that is durable, and wind and snow rated. Convert this building easily into your very own haunted house, and enjoy a chilling celebration in your backyard, using our heavy duty building or shelter.


Scratching your head over Halloween party ideas that are ideal for regions with warmer weather? Easily create an eerie vibe by using what you've got in your backyard space. Use a canopy to shade and shelter partygoers both day and night, and customize your event by choosing the perfect color canopy to match your backyard decor. The slant leg canopy is portable and can be easily set up and transported anywhere in your backyard space, making it easy to use and set up in time for your enchanting celebration! You can decorate each pop up tent with spiderwebs, gravestones, ghosts, and any decorations you like to give your neighbors a scare. Creating a ghastly scene in each pop up canopy is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, while delighting kids looking for treats. Don’t forget to have a comfortable and portable chair nearby to hand out candy. ShelterTech’s line of heavy-duty portable chairs come in kid’s sizes, too!