Solutions for Successful Urban Farming

Urban farming is becoming more popular in America as people are turning to growing their own food in densely populated areas. What exactly is urban farming? According to, it’s any growing operation within a city that sells the food it produces. While there are many different techniques to creating the perfect environment for growing crops, here are some proven solutions to successful urban farming.

Urban Farming Techniques

When growers decide to plant food in urban areas, it gives better access to fruits and vegetables to people who may not have an affordable place to purchase them. According to, these urban farms are usually built on underused land, like an abandoned car lot or a shuttered business. Greenhouses are a great way to increase yield in these areas.

One Washington, D.C. neighborhood utilized a network of raised bed gardens to build one of the most successful urban farms in the area. They used companion planting, which enhanced crop growth.

Raised bed greenhouses in an urban farming atmosphere are perfect for a small footprint. This GrowIt Raised Bed Greenhouse is an ideal solution to extend the growing season for crops, while providing temperature control and adequate airflow. The high-grade steel frame will stand up to elements, even in a city atmosphere. The triple-layer cover is waterproof and UV-treated. Utilizing a greenhouse like this one could increase profitability, quality, and production.

High Tunnel Greenhouses in Urban Farming

When you think of high tunnel greenhouses like this one, you may imagine them sprawled out on a large rural farm. While it’s true greenhouses have many benefits to large scale agriculture, they are being used more in urban farming, too.

According to the Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA), commercial urban farmers are using high tunnel greenhouses more to increase profitability. It also gives growers the best use of a smaller space. ATTRA says this allows for the use of intensive planting methods to grow crops quickly and efficiently.

ShelterTech’s High Tunnel Greenhouse grows bigger plants faster than the competition, and is great for urban farming. The best part about this choice is you can buy what you need. Whether you require the full, complete greenhouse kit, or you’re simply looking for the steel frame, you can custom order your own on our website. Customize your own high tunnel by purchasing only the frame, all the way to the entire greenhouse kit. More reasons to purchase this high tunnel greenhouse for your urban farm:

Stronger structure: This greenhouse is manufactured with high-quality galvanized steel manufactured in the USA for supreme durability. It also resists corrosion and rust.

Customization: You can choose your own size as small as 8 x 8 ft., or as large as 38 x 15 ft. This is especially helpful when you may not have a large space to begin growing your crops.

Simple Assembly: This greenhouse comes with pre-drilled holes and step-by-step instructions for easy assembly, so you have more time to plan for your crops and less time setting up your structure.


When it comes to urban farming, greenhouses are an ideal choice if you are looking to increase profitability and yield. These give you an easy way to control your environment, ensuring your crops are getting the nutrients and protection they need. With so many customization options available, you can find any greenhouse you need from big to small in order to make your urban farm the best it can be.

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