Animal Shade

Animal Shade

Too much heat and sun exposure can be detrimental to farm animals, particularly horses. An animal shade solution is essential for any agriculture or farming operation to ensure the health and comfort of your livestock. With a ShelterLogic run-in shed or corral shelter, you can:

  • Provide shade and shelter on the field, by the tracks, or virtually anywhere for equine and other livestock.
  • Prevent heat stress, heat exhaustion, and other health risks associated with an overheated horse.
  • Provide durable and accessible storage space to keep bulk hay or feed dry and clean.
Utilize a high-quality, portable, and effective shade and shelter structure.

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Livestock Shelters Ideal for Any Farm 

Whether you own a small farm or run a large-scale operation, livestock shelters should be an integral part of your property. Portable sun shade is incredibly important for the health and comfort of any animal season after season. Both extreme heat and cold can cause serious health issues for your animals. You can ensure your horses, pigs, goats, and other animals remain safe from the elements without building a large standalone barn that can become muggy and sometimes unsanitary for livestock. There are a number of livestock shelters to fit your unique needs that can also save you money when compared to a traditional barn. 

Why Portable Shelters are Necessary for Your Animals 

While portable shade is beneficial for any animal on your farm, it is especially necessary for horses for a number of reasons. Investing in a horse run in shed will provide a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Optimal health: A portable shade solution contributes to your horse’s overall health by providing a safe spot for feed and water away from harmful UV rays. All horses need a place to take cover for protection from the elements. A horse run in shed provides freedom for your animal due to its open-style construction. 
  • Regulate temperature: Extreme heat or cold can have a tremendous impact on your horse’s health.  A horse shelter allows your animal to stay cool in extreme heat, or keep warm during the winter. It is important for any horse to stay within its thermoneutral zone, which is the ideal temperature for its body to continue to work properly. Without a properly regulated temperature, your horse can experience a number of health-related issues. 
  • Combat pests: A horse shelter can help protect your horse from mosquitos and parasites that can cause serious health issues. Proper shelter provides an extra layer of protection from pests.
  • Relaxation: An important part of your horse’s health is offering a quiet retreat for rest. A horse run in shed gives your animal a safe space but also freedom to roam when needed. These portable sun shade options will lead to a healthier and happier horse overall. 

How Extreme Weather Affects Horses 

A horse’s body temperature must be regulated in order to stay healthy. In order to keep your horse within its thermoneutral zone, proper cover is essential because it allows your horse’s body to work less to stay at an optimal temperature. Your horse, much like a human, can suffer from heat exhaustion which can lead to serious health consequences. Signs a horse is experiencing heat exhaustion include: 

  • Dark urine 
  • Lethargic behavior
  • High body temperature 

Aside from a horse run in shed, make sure to provide your horse with adequate water which will help to keep cool. Just like extreme heat, horses can also experience negative health impacts in extremely cold weather. Because a horse’s body has to work harder to stay warm, they also may need access to extra food for that reason. Signs your horse is experiencing health issues due to extreme cold include: 

  • Loss of ear tips
  • Frozen tails
  • Sloughing of the feet 

Horse Shelters for Optimal Protection 

While these versatile shelters can be used for horses, they can be utilized for any livestock on your farm. Portable shade is crucial to the health and safety of your livestock, and can be achieved with minimal assembly and investment when compared to traditional standalone buildings. Horse run in sheds and corral shelters are two ideal options for protecting livestock. 

Horse Run in Shed Options 

A horse run in shed is a structure that is open on both ends that allows an animal to move freely while still being protected from the sun and other elements. You can choose from a number of options from ShelterLogic that can fit multiple animals depending on the size. These versatile portable sun shades offer: 

  • Rugged steel frames: The all-steel frame construction offers incredible strength. Every frame tube and connector undergo a 13-step steel surface prep process to ensure maximum durability. The frame is also powder coated to resist rust, corrosion, and chipping. 
  • Durable cover: The ripstop tough polyethylene cover provides ultimate protection from wind, snow, rain, and dirt. It is triple-layered and heat bonded and treated with anti-fungal agents for incredible performance season after season. 
  • Simple assembly: Portable sun shade options like horse run in sheds take minimal effort to assemble, especially when compared to traditional barn-style buildings that take weeks or months to erect. These buildings can also be disassembled and reassembled if needs change on the farm.
  • Fabric corner boots: Fabric corners offer an added layer of protection to prevent injury from ratchets or tie-downs, creating a safer shelter with a cleaner look. 

Corral Shelter Options 

A corral shelter from ShelterLogic is an innovative product that attaches to most corral gates or fences for a simple way to protect horses and other livestock. This type of shelter provides open and airy environments for horses with an added layer of protection due to their three-sided construction. This type of structure offers added protection from the wind and other elements, all with amazing convenience. Corral shelters also offer: 

  • Portability: These strong polyethylene covers with all-steel frame construction can be moved seamlessly onto any gate or fence with ease. This means when your needs change on the farm, you don’t have to worry about having proper shelter for your livestock thanks to the supreme versatility of these horse shelters. 
  • Weather-resistant cover: The ripstop tough polyethylene covers are 100% waterproof and UV treated to shield animals from Mother Nature. These strong covers are built to last season after season. 
  • Incredible stability: The all-steel powder coated frames are durable and sturdy enough to withstand farm life. The patented ShelterLock stabilizers offer increased stability for a horse shelter you can count on no matter the climate. 

Livestock Shelter Accessories 

There are useful accessories that can elevate convenience for you and comfort for your animals. A corral shelter enclosure kit provides an extra layer of protection from the elements, which attaches easily to horse shelter covers and gates. Lacing rope is included for simple installation and removal if your needs change. You can also utilize this accessory for hay or agricultural storage if you need extra space in a hurry. 

Another affordable addition to your property is a storage shelter that can also be used as a portable sun shade for animals. Double zippered door panels on each end allow for protection when you need it, and freedom for movement when your animals are on the go. Like all of the horse shelters, this one also requires no building permits making it a simple addition to your property. 

Horse shelter options from ShelterLogic are affordable, versatile solutions that can be utilized for bulk storage when needed. Built with ultra-strong all-steel frames and ripstop tough covers, you can rest assured your animals and agricultural storage will be protected from wind, rain, snow, and extreme sunlight that can lead to negative health issues. Thanks to simple assembly, you can have a reliable livestock shelter in a minimal amount of time while also saving money on professional installation. A great alternative to traditional barns, your livestock will reap the benefits year-round.