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ATV / UTV Storage and Shelter

Your ATV /UTV is not just a toy, it’s an investment. Protect it with a high-quality storage solution from ShelterLogic. Our selection of sturdy, durable ATV / UTV storage sheds feature a waterproof, UV-treated polyethylene cover and a premium powder-coated steel frame. These fabric storage sheds provide convenient and portable storage at an affordable price. Our steel storage sheds provide an affordable soultion for your ATV / UTV storage needs.

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ATV and UTV Storage for Ultimate Protection

An ATV or UTV can be your road to freedom and enjoyment at the campground, while hunting, or even in your own backyard space. These utility vehicles can also be useful on the job from farming to landscaping. A four wheeler is a sizeable investment and should be protected properly for top performance and protection.

There are a variety of different ways to ensure your ATV or UTV stays in the best shape, but the best method is using a high-quality storage building to shield the vehicle from Mother Nature. Whether choosing an all-steel storage solution or a more cost effective fabric model, these shelters are sure to elongate the life of your utility vehicles.

Benefits to Protecting Utility Vehicles

While elongating the life of your ATV or UTV is the overall reason for choosing a storage solution for your utility vehicles, there are plenty of reasons why this purchase will pay off in the long run including:

  • Theft protection: An ATV or UTV can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the style, make, and model you choose. With this sizeable investment, it is possible to attract thieves by leaving utility vehicles out in the open. A storage solution can keep it out of sight and also locked away to make it more difficult for thieves to steal.
  • Weather protection: Moisture and humidity can be a threat to the exterior of utility vehicles as well as the engine. Leaving side by sides out in the harsh sunlight can also have a negative impact on just about every part of your ATV. Storing utility vehicles away from the elements will offer a longer life as well as increased performance.
  • Protection from pests: If you’ve ever contended with rodents setting up shop in your car’s engine, you know there are several ways critters can wreak havoc on an ATV or UTV. Rodents can even chew on wires and cause other types of damage if you’re not careful. A storage solution will help curb pest problems by keeping side by sides away from them.
  • Save money: There are numerous ways ATV storage can save you money. First and foremost, it means you don’t have to waste monthly storage fees on storing utility vehicles because you will already have a unit on your property. In addition, you will be able to perform routine maintenance on a regular basis because of the easy access you will have year-round instead of waiting to pick it up from an off-site storage facility.
  • Convenience: Loading and transporting an ATV or UTV can be a hassle if you don’t do it often, or simply want to enjoy the open roads on your property. ATV storage is the simple answer to incredible convenience. You will always be able to hop into your storage solution to use your utility vehicles whether you want to use them or simply perform maintenance.
  • Free garage space: If you already have automobiles and other items stored in your attached garage, you may not have room for utility vehicles. Or perhaps you prefer to win back garage space by utilizing a spacious ATV storage solution. Either way, the extra space will offer more options for storage throughout your property.

All Metal ATV / UTV Storage Options

Metal storage for side by sides is an incredible way to ensure your items stay safe from wicked weather and thieves. These storage solutions from Arrow Storage Products offer unwavering strength at an affordable price. These premium wind and snow load rated options can take on rough weather all while offering a stylish aesthetic to your property.

These all-steel options are manufactured with rugged Galvalume, which is thicker than other storage solutions and more rugged when it counts. It is aluminum, zinc, and silicone plated for increased corrosion resistance to keep your shelter looking newer for longer. These exceptional ATV and UTV storage options include:

  • Premium paint textured finish: This two-tone finish gives this shelter a modern and classic style without sacrificing brawn. When adding a durable storage solution to your outdoor space, it’s also important to make sure it fits seamlessly with your outdoor décor to become an extension of your style.
  • Garage door handle: Enjoy easy access to the garage door with a handle that locks and unlocks in a snap. This means you won’t have to worry about entering the side door or locking from the inside if you’re short on time.                                                        
  • Side entryway and lockable handle: An ultra-convenient side entryway offers simple access while the lockable brushed metal door handle provides added security. Get in and out without having to utilize the rollup door when you’re in a hurry.
  • 20-year limited warranty: When making an important purchase like an ATV or UTV shelter, it’s important to have a strong warranty behind you to ensure a quality product.
  • Galvanized truss system: This truss system provides a 35 psf snow load rating with a wind speed rating of 100 mph for supreme protection from the elements. You will never have to worry about the items you choose to keep safe inside your shed with strong and durable construction.
  • Ultra-wide garage bay: Store more than just your utility vehicles if you need more space thanks to the 12 ft. wide bay. This also gives more room to move around while making repairs or walking around the shelter.

Fabric ATV / UTV Storage Options

Fabric storage for side by sides can be a cost-effective yet sturdy option to protect your belongings. These shelters are built to last using waterproof polyethylene covers along with an all-steel frame for rugged performance. The triple layered fabric is ripstop tough and heat wielded at the seams. Choose from multiple sizes and shapes to fit your unique storage needs. Other incredible features include:

  • UV-treated cover: The cover is treated both inside and out for supreme protection from harmful UV rays to make sure your ATV or UTV doesn’t fall victim to the harsh sunlight.
  • Powder coated: The thermoset premium powder coated finish resists rust, chipping, and corrosion for a long-lasting structure through wind, rain, and more.
  • Simple assembly: One huge benefit to fabric storage options is the simple assembly when compared to more permanent storage solutions. There is bolt-together hardware at every frame which creates an easy process along with a sturdy structure.
  • Versatility: Erect these storage solutions for your ATV or UTV and rest assured knowing it can be disassembled and moved to another part of your property when storage needs change.
  • Ratchet Tite tensioning system: This patented system keeps the cover properly fitting for a clean look and optimal performance.

Preparing Utility Vehicles for Storage

Whether choosing an all-metal or fabric storage shelter for your ATV or UTV, you should still prepare your utility vehicles for storage when you know they won’t be used regularly. Here are steps to take in order to ensure a properly operating vehicle when you’re ready to take it for a spin.

  • Get rid of mud or other debris prior to storing to avoid rust.
  • Fill up your gas tank and change the oil to prevent rust and erosion during winter storage.
  • Keep a cover on your ATV or UTV even if it’s inside a storage solution for supreme protection.