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Keep your bicycles protected from inclement weather and stored safe under lock and key with our bike sheds and bicycle storage shelters. At ShelterLogic, you’ll discover bicycle sheds available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, ensuring you’ll find the storage solution that best fits your needs. Whether you're looking for a touch fabric bicycle storage solution, or you need an all steel, lockable bike shed, we've got you covered.

Why You Need a Bike Shed

Whether it’s ease of access, lack of garage space, or better organization, having a separate space for bicycle storage has a wide range of advantages. At ShelterLogic, we offer a variety of bike shed solutions that allow you to keep your bicycles safe and secure whether they’re kept on your patio, in your backyard, or on the side of your house. We offer options ranging from space-saving vertical storage solutions to discrete horizontal storage, round top bike sheds, portable shelters and more. We also offer lockable bike storage for added protection from theft. No matter the storage solution you choose, all of our bike sheds provide durable, year-round protection against the harshest weather.

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Bike Shed Storage Solutions for Premium Protection 

Whether you use a bicycle as a primary mode of transportation or for leisurely rides, keeping it in a bike shed protects your investment. A bicycle can quickly become worn down from exposure to rough weather like wind, snow, rain, and extreme heat. In addition, bicycles are one of the easiest goods to steal right from your front porch. Outdoor bike storage also creates an additional space to keep other personal items out of sight while providing extra curb appeal and eliminating clutter. There are several bike shed options to choose from based on your budget, style, and overall storage needs. 

Why a Bike Storage Shed is a Worthy Investment 

A bike storage shed ultimately protects your bicycle from the elements. But there are many different benefits to bike storage to consider when deciding which outdoor storage building is right for your property.  

  • Theft protection: Unfortunately, bicycles are easy to steal even if you secure yours with a lock. It is one of the most common goods stolen with hundreds of millions of dollars' worth stolen each year. Keeping yours inside a bike shed keeps it out of sight for anyone looking to steal it. In addition, some bike storage shed options have locking options which physically makes it more difficult for anyone to swipe your bicycle.
  • Eliminate clutter: Leaving a bicycle on your front porch or side of your house can leave your outdoor space looking unkempt. A bike storage shed hides your bicycle along with any other eyesores to transform your space and create curb appeal. 
  • Extra garage space: You can store more than just your bicycle inside an outdoor shed, which means you can win back space in your attached garage for your vehicle and other items you prefer to keep away from the elements. Keep trash cans, seasonal supplies, and anything else that creates clutter inside your bike shed for easy access all year long. 
  • Weather protection: Your bicycle can quickly deteriorate if left outside in the rain or intense sunlight. Keeping it protected inside a bike shed will elongate the life of your bike and keep it in better working condition.
  • Save money: A bike shed will undoubtedly keep you from having to make unnecessary repairs to your bicycle due to weather-related 

Bike Shed Storage: Fabric or Metal? 

No matter the material you choose for outdoor bike storage, you will receive reliable and durable coverage for supreme protection year-round. However, it is still important to know the key differences between metal and fabric sheds so you can purchase the storage solution that best fits your needs. Here are factors to keep in mind when deciding on the ideal bike storage shed for your outdoor space. 

  • Versatility: Will you need to move your storage solution to another part of your property? Do you foresee moving in the near future? If your storage needs could change, a fabric bike shed will be the best portable option because of the incredible versatility. These fabric bike storage shed options can be taken apart and reassembled when needed, which is not the case for their all-metal counterparts. 
  • Budget: If you want to keep the costs for outdoor bike storage as low as possible, fabric shelters tend to be less expensive when compared to all-metal sheds. Both are strong options, but all-metal shelters are generally more expensive due to their construction. 
  • Strength: If you need a shed with superior strength that will last for the long haul, both metal and fabric sheds can be great additions to your property. Metal sheds tend to last longer simply because of the material. Fabric shed covers can be replaced if they are damaged by weather. 
  • Climate: If you anticipate high winds or heavy snow, both metal and fabric sheds can stand up to Mother Nature. But make sure to purchase a bike shed that is wind and snow load rated for the most protection from those elements.
  • Size: Whether you choose a metal or fabric bike shed, make sure to get the right size for your needs. Measure your yard and if you plan on storing more items than just your bicycles, perhaps you may want to look for a shelter that is larger so you can grow into it. Alternatively, if space is at a premium, choose a compact solution that will take up less space. 

Durable Metal Shelters for Outdoor Bike Storage 

Bike sheds are generally compact shelters that can fit into any area on your property. Metal options provide big protection in a small package with impressive features that will elongate the life of your bicycle and keep it in great working order for years to come. Choose from metal bike shed with incredible features like: 

  • Galvanized steel construction: Choose from multiple types of steel construction including Galvalume steel, which is 70% thicker than standard sheds. These steel bike sheds offer impressive rust and corrosion resistance to protect the life of the shed as well as your belongings inside.  
  • Wide doors: Ultra-wide doors offer easy access when placing your bicycle and other items inside the shed. This design helps you to maneuver in and out while also making it simpler to store large items. 
  • Locking protection: Nothing deters thieves more than a locking bike shed. Sure, you can place a lock on your bike, but a good thief can still swipe your bicycle. A shelter with a padlock option offers an additional layer of security to your bike and belongings. 
  • Sloped roof design: Enjoy a bike storage shed with a sloped roof design to combat water or snow pooling at the top. This protects the entire structure from rust and corrosion that is caused by too much moisture. 
  • Added ventilation: A metal bike shed benefits greatly from added ventilation because it combats moisture that can build up and cause rust to your shelter as well as belongings inside. Choose from metal bike storage units with built-in side air vents for improved air circulation.
  • Style: Metal shelters can be stylish to thanks to gorgeous and durable paint in two-tone shades to create a pleasing aesthetic in your outdoor space. The paint used also adds an extra layer of protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Tall walls: Enjoy tall walls that allow for increased vertical storage  perfect for stowing away multiple bicycles, tall garbage cans, and other miscellaneous seasonal belongings with ease. 
  • Windows: Some of these metal bike sheds have windows which offer natural light that make it easier to store items. The windows also provide a nice, homy aesthetic to your storage unit. 

Fabric Bike Sheds with Maximum Versatility 

While fabric bike storage sheds tend to be less permanent and more versatile, they can also be incredibly strong thanks to their sturdy construction. Ripstop tough polyethylene covers create ample protection that will stand up to rough winds, rain, and snow. If budget is top priority and you aren’t looking for a permanent metal shelter, fabric bike storage shed options provide a number of excellent benefits including: 

  • Simple assembly: Outdoor bike storage should be simple, and there’s nothing easier than assembling it right out of the box. Assembly takes hours with a team of two thanks to ShelterLock stabilizers and an Easy Slide Cross Rail System. 
  • Ample headroom: Fabric bike sheds offer plenty of space to store bicycles vertically or walk around if you plan on making repairs or storing other belongings. 
  • Sturdy all metal frame: The frames are manufactured with heavy duty steel for superior rust and corrosion resistance. Strong enough to withstand inclement weather, you can rest assured these fabric shelters are built to last. 
  • Superior UV protection: The ultra-strong covers are also UV treated inside and out for excellent resistance against harmful sunlight that causes deterioration and weather damage. The covers are also treated with anti-aging and antifungal agents. 
  • Anchors: Anchors are included for an all-around solid structure ideal for storing important belongings like your bicycle, lawn equipment, or seasonal items.