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When boating season is over, protect your boat ay home inside a metal garage or fabric garage, or underneath a steel carport.

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Reliable Boat Storage for Ultimate Protection

Boat owners know the importance of keeping a watercraft safe from the elements when not on the water. Reliable boat storage is a must in order to protect your investment from wicked weather and even theft. Benefits of storage for boats include:

  • Weather protection: While you may utilize a storage shed for other vehicles, many people forget boat storage is just as important. Your watercraft needs to stay protected from the elements to ensure the paint as well as the engine stay in good working order.
  • Security: Boat storage can be erected right in your backyard with a reliable shelter to keep your boat safe from thieves. Choose from pad lockable options and boat storage with sturdy steel walls and doors for an increased level of security without the hassle.
  • Yard space: Win back yard space and increase your curb appeal by adding a boat storage building to your property. Use the extra area to build a garden or declutter with the addition of a storage shed.
  • Convenience: Don’t worry about traveling to access your boat at a self storage unit. You’ll have 24/7 access with a boat canopy at home allowing for routine maintenance to elongate the life of your watercraft.
  • Cost savings: How much does it cost to store a boat monthly? An offsite storage unit can cost hundreds of dollars or more a month, taking a big chunk out of your pocketbook just to store a boat. Adding a storage shed on your property is a one-time investment that will pay off over the years when compared to a monthly fee for boat storage.

Shelters for Optimal Boat Storage

Depending on the size of the watercraft you want to stow away, there are a variety of solid options to protect a boat from the elements. From all-steel boat garage options to fabric shelters, find the perfect storage solution to fit your needs and budget. What is the difference between fabric and steel storage solutions?

  • Fabric: Fabric boat storage shelters are generally less expensive when compared with their all-steel counterparts, but are still built to last with ripstop rough polyethylene covers that protect belongings from rough weather and other environmental threats. Fabric storage solutions also have increased versatility due to their portability, providing an opportunity to disassemble and move the shelter throughout the season if storage needs change.
  • Steel: All-steel boat storage provides premium protection for your investment that is powder coated to combat rust and corrosion. While these boat storage unit options tend to be more expensive than fabric shelters, they also offer superior strength against wind, snow, rain, and other inclement weather. These shelters are permanent and do not offer the same flexibility as their fabric counterparts.

Fabric Storage for Boats

Fabric shelters are durable and portable shelter options that will protect your boat from Mother Nature without breaking the bank. Here are rugged fabric boat storage options for any property.


These custom shelter options provide endless possibilities for storing a watercraft on your own property. Choose from multiple size, style, and color options for a unique storage shed with superior strength. Choose from three different rugged fabric options all 100% waterproof and UV treated, including a standard 9 oz cover, heavy duty 14.5 oz cover, and an ultra duty 21.5 oz cover. Other features include:

  • Heavy duty all-steel frame for impressive performance
  • Powder coated finish staves off rust and corrosion
  • Universal steel foot plates for increased stability
  • Easy slide cross rails provide ideal cover fit


For a fabric shelter that is snow load and wind rated, ShelterTech provides unmatched strength and versatility for cost effective boat storage year-round. These storage solutions offer the most size options and roof styles in its class for a storage unit created unique enough for your needs. Choose from a 14.5 oz or 21.5 oz cover that is both waterproof and UV treated for rugged year-round functionality. Enjoy the versatility provided by a portable structure when your boat storage needs change throughout the season. Features include:

  • Powder coated steel frame to combat rust and corrosion
  • Options to expand for ultimate versatility
  • ShelterLock stabilizers for impressive strength
  • Universal foot plate for simple installation on virtually any surface

Steel Boat Storage Shelters

Arrow all-steel boat storage products have outstanding strength and durability, delivering impressive longevity with superior protection against Mother Nature. Choose from fully enclosed boat storage shed options or deluxe carports for protection against rain and harmful UV rays.

Arrow Storage Sheds

These all-steel boat storage solutions are rugged and versatile with the option to expand storage space as needed. The durable construction will protect your boat from inclement weather and harsh sunlight that can wreak havoc on your watercraft’s exterior and engine. Other features and benefits include:

  • Manufactured with hot dipped galvanized steel for combatting corrosion and rust
  • Low profile truss design for additional strength and stability
  • Heavy duty pad-lockable doors for ultimate protection
  • Pre-drilled parts offer simple assembly

Arrow Carports

Utilizing carports for boat storage is a cost-effective way to shield your watercraft from harmful sunlight, rain, and other weather-related threats. Each of these boat canopies is wind and snow load rated for supreme protection. Choose from different colors and heights for the perfect addition to your property. The galvanized steel is made to stand up to Mother Nature with rust and corrosion resistance. The slip fit connections and pre-drilled holes offer simple assembly for DIY setup without the hassle. Enjoy the option for portability with deluxe all-steel construction. Other features include:

  • 35 PSF snow load rating and 100 mph wind rating
  • Features a 2 inch square tube frame for increased s a tbility
  • 12 inch overhang at roof gables for extra weather protection

How to Choose the Right Boat Storage Shelter

When deciding between fabric and all-steel boat storage solutions, you should ask yourself a few questions to figure out which may be the best option for you.

  • How much space will I need for my boat? Make sure to measure your watercraft along with anything else you plan to store inside. Choose a storage option that offers enough space for your boat as well as any other belongings you plan to keep inside.
  • What is my budget for boat storage? It’s important to remember that all-steel storage solutions tend to cost the most money due to their galvanized steel construction. Fabric shelters are the most cost effective along with carports that are not enclosed. If budget is your top priority, a fabric shelter or carport may be easiest on the wallet depending on the size you need.
  • Do I need an enclosed boat storage shed? If inclement weather tends to be an issue where you live, an enclosed boat storage option will provide more protection when compared to a carport. If the biggest environmental threat to your boat is harsh sunlight and rain, a carport may be a solid option that is also more cost effective.
  • Will I need to move the boat storage solution? If you anticipate moving your storage to another spot on your property throughout the season, make sure to choose a boat storage shelter that can be disassembled and moved. The carport and fabric shelters have the ability to move, whereas their steel counterparts are more permanent.