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Reliable Landscape Equipment Storage for Every Budget 

Whether you need a durable backyard shed for lawnmower storage and garden supplies, or a larger solution for a landscaping business, there are a variety of options that work for any space and budget. Our wide selection of landscape equipment storage offers superior protection from the elements, including harmful UV rays, wind, rain, and snow.  

Why You Need a Storage Shed for Equipment for Landscaping 

Equipment for landscaping helps to elevate the look of any home or business. Lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other tools are also an expensive investment, which is why it’s so important to protect them not only from weather, but from potential theft. If these items get wet or are exposed to elements such as harsh sunlight for too long, you run the risk of them wearing down or being destroyed. Here are the reasons to consider purchasing a storage shed to stow away equipment for landscaping on your property. 

  • Theft protection: Whether running a landscaping business or simply keeping equipment for landscaping on personal property, you know how easy it can be for thieves to steal high-dollar items like a riding lawnmower or even a leaf blower. Landscape equipment storage keeps your expensive investments out of sight and protected when not using the equipment. For increased protection, purchase a landscaping storage shed with a locking option. 
  • Convenience: There is no need to hunt for lawncare equipment in your garage or storage space when you have a dedicated backyard shed for your tools. If you own a landscaping company and storage space is at a premium, a versatile fabric outdoor storage building can provide additional space without the need to add a permanent building. 
  • Weather protection: Any landscaping tool runs the risk of deterioration when left outside unprotected. From garden shears to riding lawnmowers, harmful UV rays can break down gear while consistent moisture like rain, snow, or condensation can lead to rust or corrosion. A protective shelter for your tools will make all the difference. 
  • Save money: Safeguarding all equipment for landscaping from weather and theft will save you from having to replace items if they are damaged or stolen. In addition, you won’t have to rent any offsite storage when you have your own backyard shed to store all your equipment for landscaping. 

Metal Storage Solutions for Lawn Care Equipment 

All-steel storage shed options are built strong with sturdy galvanized steel, but still offer a pleasing aesthetic whether you plan to put the structure in your backyard or a business. These products are spacious enough to house large equipment with ample room to move around or create vertical storage. They are strong all-weather solutions built to last. Metal storage sheds are permanent options that will stay in place for years to come. These landscape equipment storage options also offer: 

  • Extra wide doors: Fitting large lawn equipment into your garage is no sweat with large doors that can also accommodate oversized work benches. It also gives you plenty of room to move in and out without a hassle.
  • Variety of sizes: Choose compact storage shed options or larger models up to 31 ft. Long.  
  • Strong steel construction: Galvanized steel offers unmatched strength but also protection against rust and corrosion for a long-lasting unit to store any equipment for landscaping. 
  • Stylish aesthetic: These backyard shed options are as functional as they are stylish. They provide a pleasing aesthetic to any outdoor space. 
  • Simple assembly: You can save money by skipping the professional to put together your storage shed. The pre-cut and pre-drilled parts make this DIY project a cinch. 

Fabric Landscape Storage Shed Options 

Fabric storage solutions are ideal for protecting equipment for landscaping whether it’s in your own backyard or on a commercial property. There are a wide variety of options varying from compact storage sheds to spacious solutions made to hold a large volume of equipment. Fabric storage shed options are built to last, but also provide the option to disassemble and reassemble in another area if your storage needs evolve. Purchasing a fabric storage unit has many benefits including: 

  • Variety of sizes and shapes: Whether you need a backyard shed with more room for vertical storage, or a compact option, fabric sheds from ShelterLogic come in many different shapes and sizes for your unique needs.  
  • Wind and snow load rated: Choose from fabric units that can withstand up to 100 mph winds with a 35 PSF snow load rating. These fabric sheds can stand up to Mother Nature when you need to protect equipment for landscaping and other expensive tools.  
  • Durable fabric: The polyethylene ripstop tough fabric is built tough to stand up to rough weather. Choose from multiple fabric strength options depending on your climate and storage needs. 
  • All-steel frame: These models are constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame that is also powder coated for ultimate protection. You won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion thanks to the steel construction. 
  • UV-Treated Waterproof covers: The ultra-durable covers are also UV treated inside and out to not only protect your belongings, but to keep the fabric from looking worn out from the sun. They are also 100% waterproof so if rain is common in your area, the fabric shelter is strong enough to handle it. 
  • Versatile: If your fabric backyard shed needs to move to another part of your property or even to a commercial business, fabric options provide the opportunity for versatility and flexibility. These shelters can be reassembled and erected elsewhere with minimal effort or cost. 
  • Simple assembly: If you are an experienced DIYer, these storage sheds will be a snap to put together with a team of two. Bolt together hardware and patented ShelterLock stabilizers make it an easy build with a strong and reliable result. 
  • Minimal foundation requirements: Many permanent buildings require building permits. However, in most areas, these fabric backyard shed options do not require any type of permit which can speed the process along. 

Which Storage Shed is Right for Your Equipment? 

When deciding on which backyard shed to invest in, it’s important to take stock in what you have and what types of items will go inside. Here are factors to consider when making the right choice for your needs. 

  • Size: If you have a large amount of equipment, obviously you will need to purchase a more spacious storage solution. However, make sure to think about your future needs as well. Don’t buy a compact shed now if you have plans to grow your business or buy more items in the future. It’s better to grow into your shed than to outgrow it.
  • Flexibility: Are you anticipating moving your storage solution to different areas of your property, or to an entire separate property? If so, consider a fabric solution that provides the opportunity to break down and reassemble to get the most out of your investment. 
  • Cost: It’s always important to have a budget in mind when looking for the ideal backyard shed. Fabric sheds tend to be the more budget-friendly option when compared to their all-metal counterparts.  
  • Climate: These metal and fabric sheds can both withstand rough weather. If you anticipate large amounts of snow in your area, choose a shed with a snow load rating. If wind is a factor, there are also options with wind ratings.