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Investing in a high-quality, durable motorcycle shed can give you peace of mind knowing that your bikes are protected against tough weather conditions, vandalism and theft year-round. When you're not riding your favorite toy, it's important to keep harmful UV rays at bay. Over-exposure to rain, snow, wind, and other inclement weather conditions can cause damage to your motorcycle. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles of motorcycle storage sheds from Shelterlogic and protect your motorcycle the way you want.

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Motorcycle Storage Options for Supreme Protection

Motorcycle owners know few things are more freeing then jumping on a bike and hitting the open road. Whether you ride a motorcycle as your main mode of transportation or just as a source of pleasure, it’s important to protect the investment and your safety with a strong and durable motorcycle shed.

A high-quality motorcycle storage solution will keep your bike running more efficiently, creating a safer and more enjoyable ride for years to come. Finding the right motorcycle shelter depends on your budget and storage needs.

Why Invest in a Motorcycle Shed

There are a variety of ways you can benefit from adding a motorcycle shed to your property. Benefits include:

  • Securing from thieves: Motorcycle theft can be a serious problem and is on the rise according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Keeping your bike in a motorcycle shed not only keeps it out of sight, but can also stow it away behind lock and key making it less likely for thieves to swipe.
  • Protecting from weather: Rain and snow can contribute to rust that can have a negative effect on your bike’s paint as well as the engine. In addition, harsh sunlight can break down motorcycle parts like tires and grips. A motorcycle storage solution will protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Enjoy versatility: Depending on the size of your motorcycle shed, you can also keep your accessories, tools, and other items like a motorcycle helmet or motorcycle gearboxes within the shelter. If you purchase a fabric motorcycle shelter, you can even disassemble and move the storage solution depending on your storage needs.
  • Save money: If you don’t have a place to safely store a bike on your own property, many people resort to offsite units that costs hundreds of dollars per month to keep belongings safe. Saving on that monthly cost means your motorcycle storage solution pays for itself over time. It’s also possible to save money on motorcycle insurance if you keep your bike in a locked garage instead of out on the street.
  • Add convenience: There’s no more planning time to get over to an offsite storage unit. It’s inconvenient to travel to a separate motorcycle storage area to pick it up to ride or even to clean and perform routine maintenance. Instead, enjoy the incredible convenience of having easy access to your bike whenever you wish.
  • Free up garage space: An easy way to add space in your garage is to move items to your outdoor storage building. This will provide more area to move around or store other vehicles in your attached garage.

Fabric vs. Metal Motorcycle Sheds

When deciding on what type of motorcycle storage solution is best for you, focus on these factors:

  • Budget: Like any investment, decide how much you want to spend to protect your belongings. Generally, fabric models are more cost effective than all-metal options. You can likely find a better bargain with a fabric motorcycle shed when compared to one with metal construction.
  • Strength: Fabric motorcycle storage solutions are durable and strong. But metal construction is more rugged and can potentially last longer. If strength is the most important option to you, metal could be your best bet.
  • Versatility: If you anticipate your motorcycle storage needs to be changed, a fabric storage solution may be ideal. Fabric options can be disassembled, reassembled, and moved unlike metal sheds which are more permanent.
  • Climate: Both fabric and metal motorcycle sheds supply incredible protection against rough weather and the elements in general. But if you anticipate copious amounts of snow, precipitation, or wind, make sure to find the right product to fit your needs. Buy a shed that is snow load rated if you anticipate a long winter. You may want to purchase a fabric shed that is fully UV treated inside and out for protection against sunlight in warmer and more mild climates.

All-Metal Motorcycle Storage from Arrow

Arrow offers incredible durability at a great price point. Whether looking for a motorcycle shed or a carport for basic coverage, here are options ideal for every budget and storage need.

Compact Metal Sheds

When outdoor space is at a premium, you may not have room for a larger shelter on your property. Arrow offers smaller options in gorgeous earth tone aesthetics that fit seamlessly into any area by leaning on any structure. The innovative design also reduces water pooling on the roof for ultimate protection from the elements. These compact sheds offer:

  • UV protection: The UV resistant panels protect your belongings as well as the shelter from rot, insects, and the elements.
  • Simple assembly: Forget calling in a professional when these structures come with pre-drilled parts for easy DIY assembly.
  • Durable steel: The electro-galvanized steel is treated with zinc to protect from water, snow, rain, and wind for supreme rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Security: Pad lockable doors mean your motorcycle is safer from thieves than being on the street in plain sight.

Large Metal Motorcycle Storage Options

The larger metal sheds from Arrow provide spacious sheds that can fit more than one motorcycle, and even other belongings you may want to stow away for seasonal storage. Choose from options made with Galvalume or HDG steel technology, both with impressive corrosion resistance. There are even options with a modular design that allow for adding on space if your storage needs change. These models from Arrow also offer:

  • Ultra-tall walls: Ample head space and vertical storage are just one of the many amenities with a large Arrow storage shed. This design is perfect if you plan to service your motorcycle inside the shed.
  • Wide doors: The large doors provide easy access for storing your motorcycle and other belongings without having to maneuver to make space. This prevents dings or scratches to your bike when you have plenty of space to enter.
  • Gorgeous aesthetics: These motorcycle sheds come with a modern touch with gorgeous enamel finishes that look attractive for years to come. From earth tones to anthracite, these colors will blend into your outdoor aesthetic.
  • Pad lockable doors: The additional security means extra peace of mind when you store high dollar items like a motorcycle. This storage solution may even save you money on your motorcycle insurance.
  • Simple assembly: These units come with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts making it simple to put together. Save money on a professional and take care of it yourself.


This all-weather shade solution is budget-friendly and strong enough to protect your motorcycle from rough weather. The steel roof is made from galvanized steel which protects the structure from corrosion and rust. Other benefits and features of an Arrow carport include:

  • Tube frame: The 2-inch square tube frame adds incredible stability when rough weather rolls in and you need ultimate protection for your bike and other items.
  • Simple assembly: If you are comfortable with DIY projects, you can save money on a professional thanks to slip-fit frame connections and self-drilling screws.
  • Wind and snow load rated: These carports can withstand winds up to 100 mph and a snow load of 35 PSF.

Fabric Motorcycle Sheds from ShelterLogic

Fabric shelters are versatile and convenient options to protect anything from motorcycles and accessories to seasonal storage items. These cost-effective solutions can be disassembled and moved making them a great investment for your ever-changing needs. Choose from simple pop-up motorcycle garages to larger options for additional equipment and storage. Key benefits and features of fabric sheds from ShelterLogic include:

  • Quick assembly: The process for assembly for these fabric sheds is a simple DIY job that will take hours instead of days. They also generally do not require building permits which makes the entire process simpler.
  • All-steel frame: The rugged steel frame will stand up to the elements to keep your motorcycle safe through each season. Bonded with a premium powder coated thermoset finish, it will also resist rust and corrosion.
  • Stability: The patented ShelterLock stabilizers deliver incredible strength and stability for an overall durable fabric motorcycle shelter.
  • Budget-friendly: When compared with more permanent buildings, this option will save more money and also eliminate the need for offsite storage every month.
  • Multiple shapes and sizes: Choose from round and peak sheds in multiple shapes and sizes to fit your unique storage needs. There are also taller options for increased headroom if you plan to use your shelter to perform maintenance on your motorcycle.