Truck Storage

Truck Storage

If trucks are essential for keeping your agricultural, manufacturing, or construction operation running smoothly, then you know how expensive they can be to own and maintain. In fact, on average, it costs up to $180,000 per year to operate a commercial truck. (Source: Truck Driver Institute) With maintenance, repairs, and insurance for these vehicles costly enough, who wants the added expenses of potential weather damage?
A ShelterTech Custom Building Offers Affordable and Reliable Truck Storage and Protection.
Just like any sedan, RV, tractor, or other vehicle, trucks of any size or purpose need shelter and protection when not in use in order to prevent exterior and interior damage. Rain, snow, hail, even strong sunlight can cause paint or upholstery to fade, dent or scratch the exterior, and more. Not to mention, leaving valuable equipment exposed increases the risk of theft or vandalism.
With the ShelterTech, you get the ultimate garage for easily storing and protecting your industry’s largest equipment. Configure yours to store one or MULTIPLE trucks. Discover our truck storage options today.

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Durable Shelters for Year-Round Truck Storage 

Whether you utilize a fleet of trucks for a large-scale business venture, or simply need protection for a personal vehicle, truck storage shelters are important tools to keep your vehicle in good working order. The average cost of a new truck now tops $40,000, so this sizeable investment should be protected by a solid outdoor building that can fend off the elements. There are multiple truck storage options to fit your unique needs and budget. 

Reliable Truck Storage for Work and Play 

Keeping your truck in a high-quality storage building has a variety of benefits for not only the exterior, but also the interior of your vehicle. But there are also many other reasons why investing in a truck storage solution will benefit not only your vehicle, but your wallet. 

  • Insurance: Ask your insurance company if you receive a discount for keeping your vehicle inside a garage. Some companies offer a discount on your premium because it may be less likely you will be making a claim if your vehicle is safe under a shelter. 
  • Protection from weather: Truck and car storage is a surefire way to protect any vehicle from rough weather. No matter the environment, storing your truck in the elements can wreak havoc on its paint job from increased moisture, snow, salt, and sunlight. A truck storage shelter can also protect the interior of your vehicle by shielding it from harmful UV rays that can break down leather and cloth. 
  • Theft protection: Auto theft is an issue both on personal property and at work sites. Storage for vehicles can keep your truck out of plain sight, which makes it less likely that a thief will target you.  
  • Free up garage space: If you are keeping your personal truck in the garage at your home and would benefit from extra space for other belongings, a detached metal or fabric storage solution is a simple way to win back garage space. 
  • Convenience: These truck storage options allow you to have your very own DIY repair shop on property. Change the oil and make small repairs without having to sweat it out on your driveway without any shelter for sun protection. But it isn’t only upkeep that increases the convenience. Forget having to scrape ice or snow off your vehicle when it stays safely under a quality storage solution. 
  • Save money: Creating your own truck storage solution can save money on monthly fees at a vehicle storage facility. Instead of throwing away money every month on a storage solution offsite, you can have easy access to your truck at all times without any monthly storage fees. 

Which Truck Storage Option is Right for You? 

From a compact storage solution for your personal truck, to a spacious option for multiple vehicles on your work site, ShelterLogic provides a variety of options to fit your style, budget, and storage needs. Here are three types of truck storage options to consider before deciding on the exact model that works for you. 

  • Metal truck storage: Choosing a metal storage solution for your vehicle provides ultimate strength with galvanized steel construction that staves off rust and corrosion. Built with rugged durability, you can rest assured a metal truck storage option will protect your high-dollar vehicle no matter the weather. These options have less versatility when compared to their fabric counterparts because they are a more permanent option that also tend to be more expensive. These are ideal for anyone looking for a truck storage option that will not move to another space on your property throughout the season. 
  • Fabric truck storage: Fabric truck storage also provides incredible protection with rugged polyethylene covers that are UV-treated for ultimate shelter from the elements. These are less expensive than their metal counterparts, but still provide an impressive amount of protection. Fabric options are ideal for truck owners who may need to move the shelter to another location or property.  
  • Carports: Carports are the most affordable option when it comes to simple and reliable truck storage. Although they are not fully enclosed, you can choose from incredibly strong options that provide snow load and wind ratings for superior protection from the elements, all at a price you can afford. 

Superior Vehicle Storage for Any Budget 

Choosing the right truck storage for your property depends on the storage needed, budget, climate where you live, and features you are looking for in a storage solution. Here are ideal options for the type of space you need. 

Compact Fabric Truck Storage Options 

ShelterLogic offers compact fabric storage solutions ideal for anyone needing versatile truck storage. Whether you need to store work trucks overnight, or simply need additional space for your personal vehicle, these storage solutions provide multiple size and shape options to fit your needs. These fully customizable units with all-steel frames have a number of features and benefits, including: 

  • Multiple cover options: Aside from choosing the best color to match the aesthetic of your property, you can also choose from three different cover strengths depending on your need. Each one is UV-treated and 100% waterproof for rugged durability. 
  • Powder coated finish: The all-steel frame of these fabric truck storage options combat rust and corrosion while offering unmatched strength to stand up to Mother Nature no matter the season. 
  • Simple Assembly: These compact options come together in hours, as opposed to days or weeks for traditional standalone buildings. The bolt-together hardware along with universal steel foot plates make it easy to set up on virtually any surface. 

Spacious Metal Truck Storage Solutions 

If your storage needs will be more permanent in nature, metal may be the better option. Choose from options up to 31 ft. long and 14 ft. wide for plenty of space to store trucks and other belongings. These customizable storage options also offer: 

  • Ultra-wide doors: When storing one or more trucks, it is important to have an opening wide enough to easily fit your vehicles for easy access when you need it. These openings are wide enough for your truck or other bulky lawn equipment you may need to stow away.
  • Extra-tall walls: These tall walls and high gable roof offer extra space for you to move around inside the shelter. The high-gable roof also combats water pooling and provides additional storage space. 
  • Simple assembly: The pre-cut and pre-drilled parts make putting this outdoor building together a snap. With just a little DIY knowledge, you can put one of these truck storage solutions together over the weekend. 

Carports for Affordable Truck Storage  

If you want to save money and don’t need a fully enclosed shelter, there are rugged carport options that protect your vehicles against the elements as well. Choose from a variety of colors and materials that fit your property’s aesthetic while also fitting your budget. Carports from SOJAG and Arrow offer: 
Rustproof aluminum frame: The SOJAG models offer protection against rust and corrosion thanks to the aluminum frame that staves off moisture. The galvanized steel roof also provides additional strength. 

  • Snow and wind rated: Choose an Arrow carport that can withstand 100 mph winds and also comes with a 35 PSF snow load rating. These carports can stand up to the elements in any climate. 
  • Simple assembly: Pre-cut and pre-drilled parts make it easy to assemble yourself without needing to call on a professional to get the job done.