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    Grower’s Guide: What is Intensive Gardening?

    intensive gardening

    Want to get the most out of your garden this year? Find out more about intensive gardening for a highly efficient, productive, and manageable growing season. What’s Intensive Gardening? Intensive gardening requires implementing time-saving and space-saving gardening techniques in order to maximize growing results. This includes planting in more manageable spaces, utilizing organic matter, distinct…

    Grower’s Guide: When to Plant Vegetables

    When to Plant Vegetables

    There’s nothing quite like fresh, home-grown produce. Fruits and vegetables right from your garden can guarantee delicious, highly nutritious, and completely organic* food for you and your family. However, different vegetables require unique growing guidelines in order to offer a bountiful harvest. Understanding when to plant vegetables can help you enjoy fresh garden greens all…

    The ShelterLogic Grower’s Guide: Greenhouse Kits, March Growing Season and More

    spring growing early growing tips march garden tips

    What is the Grower’s Guide Series and Why Choose Greenhouse Kits? At ShelterLogic, we aim to do more than bring you great products like greenhouse kits, garage kits, all-steel sheds and more at an affordable price. We also want to share innovative ideas with you about how to use our products in interesting and innovative ways. That’s…