Beach Tents

What is a Beach Tent?

A beach tent is a covering that keeps harmful UV rays away from your skin while at the beach. It only takes about 15 minutes in direct sunlight at the beach to get a sunburn, so a beach tent is the ideal way to create shade even when there is none!

These pop up shelters are simple to erect and offer incredible comfort by lowering the temperature instantly. It also helps to protect from wind at the beach. Beach tents from ShelterLogic are created with high-quality fabric and UPF 50+ sun protection. They are lightweight enough to transport easily to and from your car when your beach day is over.

Why Do I Need a Beach Tent?

A beach tent is a must-have if comfort is a top priority by the water. Not only will you feel cooler throughout the day, but you are also less likely to get a painful sunburn when you are in the shade. These beach tent options are spacious and can fit more than one beach chair for ultimate relaxation.

These beach tents are also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which means you can rest assured that these models provide ultimate protection for you and your family. These sun shelters have lightweight construction, which makes it easy to move and store whenever needed. You can also choose from kid sizes to keep your children cool in the shade while making sandcastles.

These beach tent options are also created with durability in mind considering you will be contending with sand, sun, and surf. Lightweight aluminum frames resist rust and corrosion, and the fabric covers are washable allowing you to keep them in good working condition season after season. Enjoy carry bags for simple transport and storage to make your day easy breezy.