Enjoy Ultimate Vehicle Protection with Reliable Portable Garages

When keeping your vehicle safe from rough weather is top priority, portable garages are an affordable answer. Choose from a variety of sturdy and stylish garage tents in multiple sizes and colors. Find one to fit your budget and enjoy worry-free storage in a snap.

All garages are built-to-order. Please allow 7 days for your garage to be manufactured.

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What is a Portable Garage?

Not everyone has a garage that is built into their home. Even for those that do, you may simply need some extra space to store a car, lawn equipment, or even holiday items to avoid paying hefty storage fees to an offsite company. A portable garage is a structure that can be placed anywhere on your property to protect belongings. Garages are ideal not only for shielding items from the weather, but also for keeping items s away from potential thieves.

One of the best advantages to having a portable garage is that you can take it down and move it anywhere if your needs change, unlike permanent garages. ShelterLogic has a wide range of garages for vehicle storage or anything else you want to keep out of harm’s way.

Why a Portable Garage is Ideal for any Property

Whether you have multiple vehicles to protect from harmful UV rays, or simply need a spot to store a riding lawnmower, a portable garage is a convenient tool that truly never goes out of style. Features and benefits of these structures include:

  • Simple assembly: Forget budgeting for a handyman or even a construction team to put together a garage when you have a portable garage that comes together so quickly. These products were built with the customer in mind, creating a simple way to provide protection without breaking the bank.
  • Customizable: When choosing a garage, you won’t have to worry about purchasing one that is too big or too small for your property. These options are fully customizable, which means you can buy exactly what you need and choose from different colors as well.
  • Rugged materials: When purchasing a portable garage, you will get best-in-class materials that truly stand the test of time. Fabric will stand up to Mother Nature while steel frames resist chipping and corrosion. While you may think a portable garage might not be as strong as a standalone building, these options have wind and snow load ratings to give you peace of mind in any weather.

What is a Garage Kit?

A garage kit is a portable garage made with high-quality steel that can be constructed right out of the box and without professional help. You will need DIY skills and extra hands to put these portable garage options together, but they are created with pre-drilled holes and pieces that can be put together on your own and in less time than the competitor products. A garage kit is ideal for anyone looking to up their storage game without the big price tag of either a standalone garage or professional assembly.

Portable Garage FAQ’s

Do you need a building permit for a portable garage?

Generally, a building permit is required for any building or garage over 200 square feet. However, it is always important to check your own municipality because rules vary. Generally, garage kits will not need a permit, but it is always smart to make sure before you erect the structure.

What materials are used for portable garages?

Our portable garages are constructed with high-grade steel and ultra-durable fabric. Fabric materials vary based on model but range from lightweight to heavy-duty. They are all constructed to prevent UV damage and moisture issues. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, some even withstand sleet, snow, and heavy winds.

How can I customize my portable garage?

The best part about purchasing a portable garage is you can choose them based on exactly what you need. From the material, shape, and height, choose what works best for your personal property. You can even choose a color to blend in seamlessly with your outdoor décor.

What are wind and snow load ratings?

Wind and snow load ratings refer to the structure’s ability to withstand these elements. A wind rating provides the user the ability to gauge how strong of winds the garage can withstand from winds like a hurricane or tornado. A snow load rating refers to the weight that the portable garage can hold in snow prior to a possible roof collapse. Wind ratings are specified in miles per hour, while snow load ratings are pounds per square foot, or PSF.

How do I anchor a portable garage?

Anchoring a portable garage is not only important for your safety, but it can also help to elongate the life of the building. You should always use the right anchors based on the type of surface where you are installing the garage tent. You should generally use one anchor per leg. Here is a handy guide to choose which anchor is right for your garage tent.