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What is a Sail Shade?

Whether you call it a sail shade or a shade sail, these versatile pieces of fabric are full of functionality and beauty. A shade sail is a decorative patio shade that shields you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. A sail shade comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for complete customization in any backyard space. Whether you want to create a colorful kaleidoscope over your pool, or want a more neutral tone for the area over your patio furniture, a shade sail is sure to provide plenty of comfort and style.

How Do You Use a Shade Sail?

These affordable patio accessories can be attached to connection points like the side of your house, a tree, or a post that is securely mounted. You can place a sail shade over areas where you entertain on a patio or near a pool. Or perhaps you need a shaded spot to enjoy the fruits of your labor near your garden. If you’re looking for simple shade on the go, you can even attach one of the shade sails over a picnic table or at the campground for sun protection in a snap.

While the main purpose of a shade sail is to shield from harmful UV rays, it can also be especially convenient to add a layer of privacy at your home. You can use it on a balcony to shield your neighbor’s view, or on your patio when you want to kick back and relax without anyone seeing you.

Are Sail Shades Easy to Install?

A sail shade from ShelterLogic is especially easy to install because it is shipped ready for assembly with an easy-to-use hardware kit. You can attach a shade sail at virtually any angle and any area of your home or property.