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What is a Beach Umbrella?

A beach umbrella is an oversized shade solution that will not only keep you comfortable by the water, but will also shield you from harmful UV rays. This versatile and gorgeous line of beach umbrella options are stylish, lightweight, and rugged enough to stand up to the sand, wind, and surf.

RIO beach umbrellas are simple to transport and created with multiple features to make your day at the beach more enjoyable, including:

  • Tilt options: When spending hours on the sand, the sun moves every minute. A beach umbrella from RIO offers multiple tilt opens, which means you can move your shade when the sun moves. Enjoy comfort hour after hour thanks to this smart design.
  • Rugged material: When heading outdoors, it is important to invest in a beach umbrella with durable and dependable construction. A beach umbrella from RIO is made with 300d polyester fabric that will provide years of enjoyment.
  • Sun protection: A RIO beach umbrella protects so well from the sun, even the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends them to help prevent skin cancer. While wearing sunscreen is crucial, the best way you can defend your skin from sun cancer is to shield yourself from the sun using a tool like a beach umbrella.
  • Strength: A beach umbrella is constructed with powder coated aluminum which protects the umbrella from rust and corrosion.

Why Do I Need a Beach Umbrella?

A trip to the beach can be incredibly enjoyable until you realize you’ve got too much sun. Beachgoers can start to develop a sunburn in as little as 11 minutes. An oversized beach umbrella is a stylish and simple way to keep your skin healthy while avoiding a painful sunburn.

A RIO beach umbrella also has a lightweight construction, which makes it easy to carry to and from your car. But a beach umbrella can be used when you leave the beach too. They are perfect for a tailgate, your child’s sporting event, a backyard cookout, or even the dog park! A carry bag is included which gives you on-the-go convenience for every adventure.