Get a Greenhouse for Your Gardening Needs

Are you an amateur gardener, or do you have a green thumb? A greenhouse from ShelterLogic will extend your growing season and let you get the most out of gardening.

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A ShelterLogic Greenhouse for All Gardening Needs

Do you have a passion for gardening, or are you a professional horticulturist? If you raise a few begonias, make a living selling roses, or something in between, then there’s ShelterLogic greenhouse to fit your budget and needs. Our practical, durable greenhouses are perfect for gardeners of all levels of expertise – from beginner to expert – and are built to last season after season.

Get the Most Out of Gardening with a ShelterLogic Greenhouse?

A Greenhouse is an excellent investment for anyone who takes gardening seriously. They have sturdy steel frames and rugged translucent fabric covers. These covers are engineered to provide consistent lighting to your plants, keep them from over-heating, and provide them proper ventilation and air flow!

Whether you live in an apartment or condo, have space in your backyard, or live on a farm, there’s a ShelterLogic greenhouse in your size range to protect your plants from insects, mold, and extreme temperatures. Greenhouses also help you extend your growing season: you can start your daffodils or tulips before spring thaw, or keep hearty mums looking fresh beyond the fall!

A raised bed greenhouse is an excellent choice for keeping existing or new raised bed gardens protected from the frost and the heat. Our 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse for the deck or patio is the perfect size for starting seedlings or protecting a few potted plants in the winter or summer. A GrowIT High Arch Greenhouse, GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse, or GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box fit well in your yard and provide a unique aesthetic. If you are a professional grower with a lot of space, then the ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse, AccelaFrame HD Greenhouse, or the GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box Pro will satisfy your needs!

Features of a ShelterLogic Greenhouse

Whether you choose a Standard Grade, Superior Grade, or Premium Grade model, your ShelterLogic Greenhouse will have these outstanding features:

  • Durable Steel Frame: Size doesn’t matter: all ShelterLogic greenhouses come with a sturdy steel frame that’s treated to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Ripstop Tough Translucent Cover: Our fabric covers allow a significant amount of diffused light to reach your plants while reducing the amount of harmful UV light. Our fabric covers are triple-layer, waterproof, and UV treated inside and out.
  • Excellent Air Circulation: No matter which greenhouse you choose, it is built to give your plants proper ventilation. They have either roll-up panels, roll-up doors, or screen vents to provide optimal airflow and temperature control.
  • Simple Assembly: Our greenhouses come with clearly labeled pre-drilled parts, hardware, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Why Choose a ShelterLogic Greenhouse for Your Garden Needs?

Whether you need a Greenhouse-in-a-Box, GrowIT, or AccelaFrame greenhouse for your home or a ShelterTech greenhouse for the farm, ShelterLogic will help you grow beautiful plants all year long. They are engineered for easy assembly, made of very strong materials, and are built to make your plants flourish!