Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the fabric last??

    Fabric life is affected by application, location and the physical elements the shelter is exposed to.

    Can I buy a replacement shelter covering??

    Yes, we offer many replacement cover options, including heavier materials that may have longer warranties and life expectancies.  Please call Customer Service at 1-800-560-8383 or contact us online.  For quicker service, please have your model number available.

    What should I do if my cover appears to be too long or too short in length??

    Verify that the cover is placed on the building properly.  The ShelterLogic logo should be facing left to right (or horizontal).

    Where can I locate the reorder part number on my cover??

    You will find a 4” label located on the inside of your cover.

    I don't see a shelter available in the size I need. Can I create my own shelter??

    Yes, we offer shelters in various lengths and heights:

    I have condensation in my shelter. What should I do??

    This sometimes occurs in different climates, temperatures, etc.  You can purchase a vent kit that will help with air flow.

    I think I see pinholes in my cover when the light shines in. What should I do??

    In most cases, these are not holes.  The dying process of the fabric can cause variations in color and does not impact the durability of your cover.

    It appears parts are missing. What should I do??

    We take great care to ensure that you receive all required parts listed in the instruction manual.  Even if you don’t plan to install your unit right away, please inventory all parts when you receive your order.

    If you believe something is missing, ShelterLogic will gladly supply the part at no charge within 30 days of purchase. (After 30 days, the customer will responsible for the cost of any missing part and shipping cost.)

    Please email with the following information:

    • Your name and mailing address
    • Your phone number
    • Purchased model number
    • Copy of sales receipt
    • Missing part numbers and quantity

    We will place your order and send you an email confirmation within 48 business hours.

    How do I clean my cover??

    The cover is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.  DO NOT use bleach or harsh abrasive products to clean the fabric cover.

    How do I anchor my shelter to the ground??

    The shelter must be permanently anchored with any one of the following (Detailed anchoring options are included in each installation manual):

    1. Auger Anchors – Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
    2. Easy Hook Anchor – Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
    3. Cement Wedge Anchors – Cement

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    How does it stand up to wind??

    Because all of our products are not engineered buildings, they CAN NOT be wind rated.  Anchoring the shelter securely is critical to wind resistance.  If extremely high winds or storms are predicted the structure can be dismantled and stored.  However, we do offer custom Engineered Structures that carry a wind rating when properly anchored.

    How does it stand up to snow??

    Because our products are not engineered buildings, they CAN NOT be snow load rated.  Proper anchoring of your structure minimizes the impact from snow.  Keeping snow off the roof area is strongly recommended.  However, we do offer custom Engineered Structures that carry a snow rating when properly anchored.

    How do I remove snow from my cover??

    Immediately remove any accumulated snow or ice from the roof structure with a broom, mop or soft-sided instrument.  Use extreme caution when removing snow from the cover-always remove from outside the structure.  DO NOT use hard-edged tools or instruments like rakes or shovels since this could result in punctures to the cover. When removing snow, remove the snow alternating to each side of the shelter.  Remove a 4 ft. section of snow from one side then from the other side, continuing down the length of the building.

    What happens if the cover rips or tears??

    A common vinyl patch kit or fabric patch can be used with 3M spray adhesive number 90.  Replacement covers are also available.

    What is the warranty??
    • The warranty period begins from date of purchase (not the date of installation).
    • Will repair or replace the defective parts to the original purchaser.
    • Replacement or repaired parts will remain covered for the original limited warranty period.
    • Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.
    • Customer must send photo(s) with a copy of the original receipt.

    To file a claim, please fill out the Warranty Claim Form.

    What is NOT covered by this warranty??
    • Damage that occurs during shipping
    • Abuse, accident, alteration, modification, tampering, vandalism, negligence, misuse, abrasive contact, faulty installation lack of responsible care or if affixed to any attachment not provided with the shelter
    • Damage to contents of shelter any person or property excluded.
    • Normal and foreseeable wear and Tear
    • Improper installation according to the instructions provided.
    • Wear of fabric due to acts of nature, i.e. hurricane, tornado, wind, flood, snow, wind driven debris, etc.
    • Labor and installation fees. Customer is responsible for all zoning and permits if required.

    To file a claim, please fill out the Warranty Claim Form.

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