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What is a Carport Enclosure Kit?

While carports can act as incredible protection from harmful UV rays and other rough weather, there are times when it may benefit you to add a carport enclosure kit to your product. Carports are structures that have a roof supported by four beams or posts, but no walls like a traditional garage. However, ShelterLogic provides a carport enclosure option for winter or even summer months when you anticipate increased moisture that could wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Consider a carport enclosure kit an extra upgrade to an already strong structure that keeps your vehicles in great shape. A carport enclosure simply attaches to the existing structure and covers all sides acting as walls and a door. The carport enclosure can be added quickly and cost effectively in the months when you need increased protection and can be just as easily removed. If you are trying to decide between a portable garage or a carport, this is a great middle ground where you have the benefits of a carport with the added protection of a portable garage.

What are the Benefits of a Carport Enclosure Kit?

When deciding whether a carport enclosure kit is a good choice for your property, think about the following benefits:

  • Affordable: A carport is an affordable way to shield your vehicle from weather-related damage. But sometimes, people do not invest in a carport because they are worried about the lack of walls. When adding a carport enclosure, the ripstop fabric walls can stop moisture, dirt, and debris from coming in direct contact with your vehicle.
  • Increased protection: Carports provide the most protection from sun by shielding your vehicle from UV rays that contribute to paint chipping and rust. A standard carport cannot protect as well against rain and wind because there are no walls. However, when adding a carport enclosure, walls and a door are added for increased protection and added piece of mind that your vehicle is fully protected.
  • Strong: A carport enclosure from ShelterLogic is created with strength and reliability in mind. Our polyethylene ripstop covers can wick away moisture and stand up to UV rays that can damage your items.
  • Convenient: This carport enclosure kit is constructed in such a way that you will not have to worry about struggling to gain access every day. In fact, it has dual zipper roll up doors on the front and back for quick access whenever you need it. Velcro seams and bungee cords ensure a tight fit and easy removal.
  • Simple Assembly: A carport enclosure for your Arrow carport can be assembled quickly so you don’t have to worry about hiring professional help to provide increased protection for your vehicles during the tougher weather months.