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What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a structure with four posts that provides shade and protection from harmful UV rays. Gazebos do not have walls, yet still shield you from direct sunlight and rain when enjoying time outdoors. Gazebos are an affordable and stylish addition to your backyard that allows for easy entertaining or simple relaxation.

Whether enjoying some pool time or gathering for an outdoor barbecue, gazebos serve as a gathering place. Add mosquito nets or curtains to block pests or wind, or just to add a little extra privacy. These versatile structures provide endless style and fun no matter your outdoor plans.

Where Do You Put Gazebos?

While you may have already decided a gazebo is the ideal addition to your backyard, it is important to know where to put gazebos. No matter how you plan to use your gazebo, make sure it is mounted on a hard and even surface. Make sure you install a gazebo in an area that is not prone to flooding or pooling water. Here are some popular ways to use gazebos.

    • Garden area: Gazebos can act not only as a gorgeous focal point for any garden, it can also double as a shade solution for avid gardeners who need sun protection while tending to your plants.
    • Cabana: If you have a pool, gazebos can also double as a pool cabana. Sit back and relax in the shade by your pool, and add curtains or fabric walls for a full enclosure and extra privacy.
    • Hot tub shelter: If you love your hot tub but not the extra sun exposure, add a gazebo for increased protection not only for your skin, but for the hot tub itself.
    • Patio shade: If you don’t have the room or the cash for a full porch enclosure, gazebos are the perfect addition if you need a shade solution in your back yard.

What Styles of Gazebos are There?

While all gazebos prevent harmful UV rays from wreaking havoc on your skin, there are also different styles to choose from to best fit your needs. Here are a few popular gazebos to think about before deciding on which is right for you.

Hard Top Gazebo

Hard top gazebos are ultra-strong and durable, with powder coated galvanized steel for increased stability. The powder coating allows the roof to resist rust and corrosion which could potentially damage your shelter. Hardtop gazebos can even be winterized, although you should always clear snow or debris off your shelter.

Soft Top Gazebo

Soft top gazebos do not have the exact same strength as hard top gazebos, but still provide ample shade and protection from the elements. Soft top gazebos also come at the most affordable price, manufactured with ultra-strong ripstop fabric.

Wall-Mounted Gazebo

Wall-mounted gazebos attach to the exterior of your house, providing an extended piece of home. These can be anchored to any patio surface, but it is not a freestanding structure. Wall mounted gazebos are still constructed with ultra-strong powder coated steel for incredible versatility.

Grill Gazebo

Grill gazebos are a grillmaster’s best friend. Not only will the gazebo cover the chef, but it also keeps your food from the direct sunlight. Grill gazebos can have increased shelving space as well to keep food or cooking tools while you are preparing food for friends and family.