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Protect Grill Masters and Grills from the Elements with a Grilling Gazebo

There's nothing worse than burning up while you're cooking out. Get your grill master a functional and stylish grilling gazebo and protect them from the elements.

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What is a Hardtop Grilling Gazebo?

For some people, barbecue grilling has practically become a way of life. They have parties centered around their grill and competitions for the best meat. Why not bring this tradition home to your very own backyard with a DIY outdoor grill station underneath a SOJAG BBQ grill gazebo?

Many people use hardtop gazebos as an entryway to a gorgeous garden or a gathering spot for company. All hardtop gazebos we manufacture offer a stylish and functional way to open your backyard space up for gatherings while maintaining a sophisticated and cozy vibe. But a metal roof grill canopy takes the style of a gazebo and adds additional functionality.

A hardtop BBQ gazebo is perfect for any grill master looking to up the aesthetic of their backyard patio or deck. They offer ample protection for grills and can be used as a stylish grill cover year-round. When cooking, your hardtop grilling gazebo will offer protection from the elements, and it features convenient and practical areas for food prep.


Durable Grilling Gazebos Made to Last

A metal grill gazebo features a strong galvanized steel roof that will keep wind, rain, and harmful UV rays away from you, your grill, and your food. The galvanized and powder coated steel frame and roof of the hardtop BBQ gazebo prevents corrosion and rust, so your gazebo investment will look great season after season. The unit features two shelves on either side, offering an added layer of convenience and prep area. Place the food you are preparing on the shelves, or even your cooking utensils, as you wait for your food to cook. Forget making multiple trips to and from the house to get more ingredients or cooking utensils. This grill gazebo brings the kitchen outside to you! These gazebos are manufactured with powder coated aluminum, which is rust and corrosion resistant. These ultra-strong and durable gazebos will be the best investment you’ve made since purchasing your grill!


How to Use a Grill Canopy

Your outdoor grill is an investment in itself. When you cook for your family and guests, sometimes that means doing so in the rain or the blazing sun. With a hardtop grill gazebo, you simply place your grill under the galvanized steel roof and enjoy shade while you tend to the grill. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your food being exposed to the elements, either. Your Grill Gazebo will also keep you safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This means a more cool and comfortable day for you and the entire family.

When you’re not using your grill, your hardtop grilling gazebo will keep your expensive grill and equipment safe and out of the sun’s harmful rays. These units are also water-resistant, meaning they’ll provide your grill some protection against condensation no matter what the season.


UV Rays Can Damage your Skin and your Grill

As soon as the temperature starts to rise, it’s time to take advantage of outdoor activities and spend more time cooking in the backyard. But with the extra BBQ time comes an increased risk of skin cancer. Sun protection is your best line of defense when it comes to skin cancer prevention, and the American Cancer Society says staying in the shade can be one of the best lines of defense for your skin.

Staying in the shade and consistently applying sunscreen are two of the best ways to provide protection for your skin and reduce your chance of skin cancer. In addition, your grill gazebo canopy will help keep you shaded from the sun and its harmful UVA and UVB rays.

While your personal health is important, so is the well-being of your prized possession. Snow, rain, hail, sun, and high winds can all damage the exterior and the working elements of your grill. Winds can cause dirt and dust to get inside your grill, making you have to constantly clean it before barbecuing. Also, If you live in an area with severe sunlight, your grill can fade and external parts can crack.

A small grill gazebo can go a long way towards keeping your grill protected from the elements.


Choose a BBQ Grill Canopy with a Sophisticated Look

Many of our outdoor hardtop grill gazebos feature galvanized steel roofing that is corrosion and rust resistant, making these premium steel shelters you can leave up in your backyard year-round. The best grill gazebo can provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays, as well as other inclement weather like rain and light snow.

The SOJAG BBQ Ventura and the SOJAG BBQ Mykonos outdoor grill canopy shelter products protect your grill from the elements with its powder coated galvanized steel roof. These two 5 x 8 ft. shelter units both have 2-shelves which provide outdoor counter space, so you can have a working area while grilling. The structures of these two grillzebo units are made of powder coated aluminum. The SOJAG BBQ Ventura is light gray and the SOJAG BBQ Mykonos is dark gray.

For a bigger option, the BBQ Messina Hardtop Grill Gazebo is a 6 x 8 ft. shelter that is also made with a dark gray powder coated galvanized steel roof and powder coated aluminum supports. Also, 6 x 8 ft., the Dakota Grill Gazebo has a brown powder coated galvanized steel roof and powder coated aluminum supports. Both units can be a great-looking addition to any backyard space.