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Arrow Firewood Racks for Better Burning, Longer Lasting Fires

Want to burn longer, hotter fires in your fireplace, wood stove, or firepit? Shop Arrow for the perfect firewood rack.

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    • Durable galvanized steel
    • Pent roof eliminates rain water accumulation
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Arrow Firewood Racks Keep Logs off the Ground

Are you getting the best out of your seasoned firewood? If you’re leaving it underneath a tarp in the corner of your backyard, then you’re letting good wood go to waste. A compact, sturdy metal firewood rack from Arrow Storage Products will keep your firewood off the ground and allow you to have hotter, longer lasting fires all year round!

Why You Need a Metal Firewood Rack.

If you leave your seasoned firewood on the ground, it will be exposed to the weather, dew, moisture, mold, and insects. Not only does that cause your firewood to prematurely rot, it keeps it from burning at its full potential. That means you’ll have fires with less heat, more smoke, and a dirtier chimney that need to be cleaned more often.

Don’t leave firewood exposed to weather and bugs when you can store it under a durable, protective cover. Metal firewood racks are made to keep your seasoned logs protected from the elements. They allow you to keep your wood stacked neatly off the ground. All-steel Arrow firewood racks include a pent roof that helps keep your firewood dry!

Arrow compact metal firewood racks are engineered to store firewood wherever you want: on your deck or patio, against your house or metal shed, or even in your mudroom. These sturdy, strong firewood racks also lend a nice aesthetic to your backyard space!

What Do You Get with an Arrow Firewood Rack?

Regardless of the size and color you choose, your Arrow firewood rack has these exceptional features:

  • Galvanized Steel Frame: The steel is treated to resist corrosion and rust, so your structure will be strong and long-lasting.
  • Open Front and Back: The firewood rack is designed to give your firewood suitable air flow, which will help ensure that it stays properly seasoned. The design also gives you easier access to your firewood from the front or back of the unit.
  • Pent-Style Roof: Made of galvanized steel, the roof is designed to eliminate rainwater buildup and keeps your firewood dry under a protective, reliable cover.
  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled parts: Paired with easy-to-follow instructions, your metal firewood rack can be assembled right out of the box. With fewer fasteners than other leading metal firewood racks, assembly is made very simple!

The Arrow Firewood Rack Provides Superior Value and Protection

When you store your firewood on an Arrow Firewood Rack, it stays dry, organized, and within reach. An Arrow Firewood Rack will keep your seasoned logs free from rot, bugs, and mold, so it won’t go to waste. Get a metal firewood rack from Arrow and start burning longer lasting, less smoky fires!