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Arrow Carports for Ultimate Weather Protection

All-steel carports from Arrow Storage Products will protect your vehicles in the toughest weather. Shop our wind and snow load rated carports.

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    Arrow Carport
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Arrow Carport: All-Weather Protection for Any Season

If you're looking for the ultimate in weather protection for cars, trucks, tractors, equipment, boats and much more; look no further than the Arrow Carport. An all-steel, wind and snow load rated carport, the Arrow Carport has been designed and developed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Configurable up to 20 ft. wide and up to 100 ft. long, the Arrow Carport is optimal for storing and sheltering vehicles, providing reliable and durable cover no matter the season.The all-steel Arrow Carport from Arrow Storage Products is one of the most versatile shade and shelter products on the market and can be used to shelter more than just your vehicle. In fact, the Arrow Carport can even be used to shelter farm and lawn equipment, or shade picnic areas, patios, and play areas.

Why Choose the Arrow Carport

The Arrow Carport is a durable and well made all-steel shelter and shade structure that protects your valuables from the elements. In fact, this all-steel carport has been designed with a wind and snow load capacity to ensure protection even in tough weather conditions. If you live in a warmer region, you know how detrimental UV overexposure can be to your vehicle. The Arrow Carport creates a reliable and durable barrier between the sun and your car's paint job, reducing sun damage, paint peeling and paint chipping. However this metal carport has other great features also including:

  • Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Frame: The 2-inch square tube frame gives the metal carport strength and stability. The powder coated finish makes it corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel roof: The durable metal carport roof is built to last and provides reliable protection from the elements. The painted finish makes it resist corrosion and provides a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Wind and Snow Load Rated: Bring the bad weather: Arrow Carports are engineered to take it! They can withstand up to 100 MPH winds and up to 35 PSF snow loads.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: The metal carport features slip-fit connections with pilot holes and self-drilling screws for handy and quick out-of-the-box assembly.

Arrow Carport: Durable, Affordable, Configurable

The Arrow Carport provides convenient, all-weather shade and shelter that’s versatile, practical, affordable, and attractive. The carport comes in multiple widths and lengths to accommodate your storage and shade needs and is configurable, so you can choose the size you want. The perfect storage or shelter for cars, boats, trucks and virtually any vehicle: this metal carport is sure to provide protection no matter what the weather brings. Configure your own Arrow Carport today!