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Portable Corral Shelters for Horses and More

Get great shade where you need it for horses, livestock and outdoor animals. Corral shelters offer shade and protection from the elements and attach easily to corral gates, fences and more.

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Horse Corral Shelters are an Innovative Shade Solution for Horses and Livestock

Providing reliable horse and livestock shelter wherever animals need it is a major dilemma for farmers and ranchers. ShelterLogic developed this innovative livestock shelter to help livestock owners meet this most important animal safety challenge. The multipurpose corral shelter acts as a portable canopy and conveniently attaches to most existing corral panels to keep farm animals protected from the sun and heat.

How Corral Shelters are Built

Like a run-in shed, a corral shelter gives horses and other farm animals protection from the elements and can be set up wherever they need shade. With its arched canopy, the corral shelter provides animals plenty of headroom when they seek shelter from the elements. The corral shelter has a frame made of sturdy steel and a fabric cover that securely fits most panel tubes to provide reliable shade protection anywhere in the field. They feature patented ShelterLock Steel Stabilizers and anchor securely to the ground for reliable shade. These shelters come in 10 x 10 ft. and 12 x 12 ft. sizes, and a variety of frame strengths and cover weights to fit your budget and climate needs.

Many Ways to Use a Corral Shelter

Farmers and ranchers can use their existing corral panels to set up a livestock shelter anywhere on their property. Its primary use is to give farm animals a place to escape the elements and take a water and hay break. But there are other ways you can use a ShelterLogic corral shelter. You can purchase a corral shelter enclosure kit and create an outdoor storage space wherever you need it. A livestock shelter is a great place to park frequently used ride-on mowers and farm equipment. When attached to corral gates or fencing, the corral shelter’s arched canopy may feature open-air sides. You can conveniently use your corral shelter as a livestock shelter to store hay, corn, and anything else you feed your livestock.

Other Livestock and Horse Shelter Solutions

Here at ShelterLogic, we provide a wide variety of equine and livestock shelter solutions for your property. Whether you’re looking for horse shelter accessories such as corral enclosure kits, or you’re looking for a run-in shelter for smaller livestock, we’ve got you covered.

Since ShelterLogic corral shelters are portable, you can take them anywhere you want to show your animals. Once you’re settled in at the show, just set up your pen and attach your corral shelter to offer animals shade and shelter. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuable livestock will be protected from the elements.

Think ShelterLogic for More than Just Corral Shelters

For more than 25 years, ShelterLogic has been a household name you can trust to deliver strength, durability, reliability, and functionality. When you buy a corral shelter from ShelterLogic, you know you’re getting an innovative product that’s built-to-last. In addition to corral shelters, ShelterLogic offers fabric-covered run-in shelters , greenhouses , and outdoor storage buildings for a variety of uses.

Corral Shelters Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corral cover?

At ShelterLogic, our corral covers are specially designed shade solutions built to fit most panel tube profiles, allowing you to provide a quick, portable shelter for livestock anywhere in the field. The shade fabric is made of ripstop fabric that has been heat-sealed to provide maximum water resistance. The corral cover is also UV treated inside and out and comes with a sturdy frame that is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is important to note that corral panels and gates are not included.

How do you assemble a ShelterLogic corral shelter?

To assemble a ShelterLogic corral shelter, follow the following simple steps:

  • Lay out all pieces of your corral cover and compare with the build manual to ensure that all parts are accounted for.
  • Assemble corral and cattle panels to form a three-sided enclosure.
  • Assemble the bottom of the frame, facing the bolt heads inside for animal safety.
  • Assemble the top ribs. Ensure the two end ribs are constructed with the bolts facing in so that they do not snag on the fabric.
  • Attach the spacers to the top ribs.
  • Attach the top ribs to the bottom of the frame.
  • Using four people, set the corral frame on top of the corral panels.
  • Put in the ground anchors.
  • Hoist the cover fabric over the frame.
  • Strap down the cover and put on the corner pieces.

For more information about assembly, don’t hesitate to contact a customer service representative and view the corral assembly manual PDF online.