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Run-In Shades to Protect Your Herd from the Elements

Shop horse run-in sheds from ShelterLogic and give your outdoor animals easy access to shade and protection from the elements when they need it most.

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Keep Horses Healthy with a Run-In Shed

Horses need to be outdoors to graze and exercise. They enjoy their freedom, but they also need protection from the sun, wind, heat, and rain. We recommend you invest in a run-in shed to provide your horse with the shelter it needs to stay healthy and safe in the pasture. ShelterLogic manufactures reliable and affordable horse run-in sheds and livestock protection that fit your specific livestock needs.

What Is a Run-In Shed?

A run-in shed is a three-sided building that is often used to provide pastured animals, like horses, a place to escape harsh weather conditions. They are a cost-effective alternative to barn stalls as they allow horses free-choice access during all seasons.

Why Your Horse Needs a Run-In Shed

Even on the nicest weather days, horses need a run-in shed to protect themselves from the elements. If a horse is left out in the rain, it can develop skin ailments and softened hooves. The wind can cut through your horse’s coat, which makes it hard for them to stay warm. Although horses generate a lot of heat when they run, they have a hard time cooling down: they are susceptible to overheating and heatstroke.

Just like humans, horses can easily get sunburnt if they are not protected from the sun. Hot weather can also cause horses to attract flies, insects, and other parasites that can cause illness. A run-in shed gives your horse a place to go to escape all these weather-related health issues.

ShelterLogic Run-In Sheds are Practical and Easy to Assemble

ShelterLogic’s affordable and practical run-in shed solutions have powder coated steel frames and ripstop-tough waterproof coves that are UV treated inside and out for protection against fading and mold. The structure is open-ended: your horse can freely enter at one end and can leave out the other without having to turn itself around.

Our run-in sheds are easy to build right out of the box. The frames have slip fit connectors and swedged tubing for easy assembly, and the ratchet and easy slide system makes it simple to install the cover. No matter which model you choose, the run-in shed you assemble is going to withstand the elements and keep your horse safe.

Run-In Sheds for Storage, Work, and More

ShelterLogic’s run-in sheds are more than just a horse shelter. The open-ended design allows easy drive-through storage of tractors, farm equipment and ride-on mowers. Run-in sheds are also a practical place to keep bales of hay or cords of wood dry. You can also use a horse shed as a protective cover when doing chores such as grooming, bathing, or shoeing your horse. For farmers, a run-in shed can also be a terrific farm stand for selling your harvested crops. A run-in shelter is practical for animals other than horses. If it’s an animal that lives on a farm, a run-in shelter will offer them the same protection from weather-related illness.

ShelterLogic is the Household Name You Can Trust

When you buy a run-in shed from ShelterLogic, you’re getting a durable and reliable product that you can trust. For more than 25 years, ShelterLogic has been a household name you can rely on to deliver strength, durability, reliability, and functionality. In addition to run-in shelters, ShelterLogic offers fabric-covered corral shelters, greenhouses, and outdoor storage buildings for a variety of uses.

Horse Run-In Shed Frequently Asked Questions

Do horses need a run-in shed?

Horses that spend a lot of time turned out will need some form of shelter that can protect them from the elements, whether it be blazing heat in the summer, downpours in the winter, or frigid wind in the winter. A run-in shed is one of the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for providing your horse with shelter. They provide shelter as needed for your herd, protection against flies and other pests, require less cleaning, and are easy to build.

What direction should a horse run-in face?

Ideally, the open side of a horse run-in shed should face so that it protects your herd from strong storm winds and direct sunlight. For example, if you get prevailing winds from the north in the winter and from the west in the summer, it’s a good rule of thumb to orient your horse shelter so that the open end faces southeast.

How big should a horse run-in shed be?

A horse run-in shed should allow for at least 12 square feet per horse.

How tall should a run-in shed be?

Run-in sheds should be at least 8 feet at their lowest point and 10–12 feet at the front, allowing plenty of room for any rearing that might occur in the shelter.