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Equine Shelters for Ultimate Livestock Protection

Keeping your horses healthy and happy is important to the success of any equine and livestock operation. To do so, it is crucial to provide animals with equine shelters that protect them from extreme heat or cold and other weather elements that can contribute to a host of health problems.

ShelterLogic has developed a number of horse shelters for practical, simple shade on your farm or property. Our equine shelters are perfect for horses, but they can also be used as a livestock shelter for animals like pigs and goats. Choosing the right horse run in sheds for your farm depends on your budget and overall needs. No matter what horse run in shed you choose, it can save you time and money when compared to a traditional barn.

Investing in these durable and versatile structures will benefit your horses and property. You can also conveniently move these shelters around your property thanks to their portable design.

Choosing the Right Horse Shelter for Your Property

Choosing the right equine sheds for your farm depends on your budget and overall needs. No matter what horse run-in shed you choose, it can save you time and money when compared to a traditional barn.

Both corral shelters and run-in sheds are incredible structures that can be used to protect horses from the elements. While horses need to be shielded from extreme temperatures, they also need autonomy to remain happy and comfortable. A run-in shed offers quick and affordable cover while also providing the freedom they need to be able to come and go. When you need your horse to stay put for a period of time while still staying protected, a corral shelter offers the three-sided shelter that attaches easily to a gate.

If you are deciding between a corral run-in shed for horses and a traditional barn stall, there are multiple reasons why the horse shelter selection from ShelterLogic are a more ideal option, including:

· Affordability: There’s no question that a horse run-in shed, or corral shelter is simply more affordable than a traditional barn. When budget is a priority, but you still need a durable and dependable livestock shelter, horse run in sheds are a great alternative that are also friendly on the wallet.

· Ease of assembly: Horse run-in sheds and corral sheds from ShelterLogic can be assembled quickly and easily, as opposed to constructing an entire barn with stalls. When you need quick shelter in a snap for your horses with the option of portability, these are ideal for your property.

· Increased ventilation: It is very important that your horse resides in an area with plenty of ventilation. If they are stuck in a stuffy barn, it can cause a number of health issues that simply won’t be an issue when utilizing an equine shelter from ShelterLogic.

· Exercise: When a horse is confined to a barn stall, they can become bored and lack the exercise needed for a healthy and fulfilling life. Adding horse run in shelters to your property ensures they have shelter when they need it, but still have the option to roam freely.

Durable Run-In Shelters and Corral Sheds for Affordable Shelter

Horse shelters are incredibly convenient and simple to assemble. Choose from a number of sizes and colors depending on your needs. Whether you need to keep your horses safe, or want to transition to use it for bulk storage, horse run in sheds offer unmatched versatility with multiple features and benefits, including:

· Solid construction: These horse run in shed options are constructed with ShelterLock Stabilizers for a solid frame that can stand up to Mother Nature. The fabric cover is both heat sealed and waterproof for rugged durability. The cover is also UV treated to prevent fading.

· Protective boots: These horse run in sheds have protective boots on all corners to give your animals protection from any possible injury.

· Steel frame: The steel frame is powder coated, which is resistant to rust and corrosion that can wreak havoc on horse shelters.

· Clean look: The Easy-Slide system provides a continuous frame to cover fit to keep these horse shelters looking neat all season long.

· Easy assembly: Slip fit connectors offer easy assembly for anyone with DIY skills.

Rugged Corral Shelters for Ultimate Versatility

Corral shelters are very similar to horse run-in shelters, but attach easily to corral panels for a three-sided structure for incredible safety and increased protection from wind. Corral shelters come in multiple sizes and colors, along with varying cover thicknesses to customize for the needs of your horses and property. You can also move these structures to different areas of your property if needed. These horse shelters offer a number of features and benefits:

· Universal cover: The universal cover fits most square, round or oval tube profiles for protection in a snap.

· Durable frame: Constructed with an all-steel powder coated frame, this livestock shelter option is protected from rust and corrosion, as well as chipping that can occur with weather exposure.

· Simple assembly: These horse shelters come with a hardware kit to make assembly even more of a breeze.

· Strength: The Ratched Tite tensioning system is ideal for cover anchoring, while ShelterLock stabilizers offer increased strength to the structure.

· Protective boots: The corral shelter models also include protective boots for each corner to keep your horses safe.

Why Equine Shelters are Necessary for Horse Health

While a livestock shelter can be beneficial for any animal housed on your property, equine shelters offer specific benefits that contribute to long term equine health, including:

· Overall health: Horse shelters can make your horse healthier and happier overall by giving him a place to relax and eat away from harsh sunlight or other elements. Providing a quiet place to take cover while still allowing for freedom will pay dividends towards your horse’s overall health.

· Temperature: Regulating your horse’s temperature is paramount to keeping them safe. When a horse is exposed to extreme heat or cold, it can have a negative impact on their health. Horse shelters help your horse to stay within its thermoneutral zone, or ideal body temperature, without causing it stress. Failing to regulate your horse’s body temperature can lead to a number of health issues.

· Avoid pests: A horse run-in shed can also combat pests. When your horse is outdoors, he can be exposed to anything from mosquitos to parasites that can cause long term diseases. Equine shelters offer an extra layer of protection from pests.

· Freedom: Freedom to a horse is equal to relaxation. Believe it or not, this can be an important part of your horse’s overall wellbeing. This livestock shelter provides shelter while still allowing for your animal to move around which will lead to a happier horse.

Choose ShelterLogic for Your Livestock Shelter Needs

You can depend on ShelterLogic to keep your horses and livestock safe from the elements without breaking the bank. For more than 25 years, our customers have depended on us to deliver shelters with strength, durability, reliability, and functionality. When purchasing a horse run-in shed from ShelterLogic, rest assured you will have a quality product that will last season after season.

These horse shelters can also double as versatile storage areas for bulk storage or animal feed. Created with convenience and durability in mind, you can assemble these shelters on an area of your property and move them if your storage needs change. Trust ShelterLogic with your horse’s health thanks to a variety of shelters that fit any need or budget.

Equine Shelters Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of shelter do I need for a horse?  

First and foremost, horses need reliable protection against wind and inclement weather to keep them healthy and injury-free. There are many ways to achieve this, whether that be by making a large investment in barn stalls or by choosing a more affordable—but no less durable—option like a corral or run-in shed.

How to maintain a horse shed?

Here are maintenance tips for horse shelters:  
Keep the barn well-ventilated by installing ceiling fans and vents. 
Clean the horse stall regularly by replacing hay and feed daily, cleaning buckets and feeders, removing manure, and ensuring proper drainage. 
Check for safety hazards regularly.  
Keep bugs and pests out by maintaining hygiene and using horse-friendly repellents.

How big does a horse shelter need to be?  

A horse shelter should allow for at least 12 square feet of space per horse.  

Do horses need a barn?

As long as you have a shelter solution that allows horses to shade in times of inclement weather, a barn is not necessary.