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Firewood + Hearth

Firewood + Hearth

NEW! Firewood Bags!

From the rack to the hearth or the car to the campground, our new firewood bags make moving logs quick and easy.


Firewood and Hearth Products and Accessories

We've got everything you need to prep firewood for the winter months! Shop our firewood and hearth products.

New Products
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Model #90478
Firewood Rack Full Length Cover, 8 ft.
Model #90477
Firewood Rack Full Length Cover, 4 ft.
Model #90473
Ultra Duty Firewood Rack, 12 ft.
Model #90472
Ultra Duty Firewood Rack, 8 ft.
Model #90471
Ultra Duty Firewood Rack, 4 ft.

Fireplace Accessory Must-Haves

When it comes to burning the perfect fire during the winter, the most important factor is having dry firewood. That is why it is so important to store wood properly. With ShelterLogic Group’s wide array of firewood storage and fireplace accessories, you will be sure to burn an efficient fire when you need it. From firewood racks and seasoning sheds, to log holders and tools for the fireplace, this is your one-stop-shop for firewood and fireplace accessories.

Firewood Storage for a Better Burn

To ensure an efficient fire, firewood storage and firewood holders are essential items to keep your wood dry and free from mold and pests. These sturdy log racks keep firewood off the ground and allow proper air circulation. They come in an array of lengths, from 4 ft. all the way up to a 12 ft. model that holds 6600 lb. of wood. Each firewood holder has a corresponding polyester cover for ultimate protection. The high-grade steel ensures maximum strength, while the open-air design ensures ample air flow. Simple assembly is just an added bonus of our firewood storage solutions!

Firewood Seasoning Sheds

To ensure dry wood at your fireplace this winter, investing in these innovative firewood seasoning sheds is your answer. Using these tools ensures that your wood dries twice as fast as open air drying. Constructed with heavy-duty steel for a stable and sturdy frame, the seasoning sheds also come with a top-of-the-line polyethylene fabric cover that retains heat, helping to keep moisture away from your firewood. Screened vents also allow for extra airflow to aid the drying process for perfectly dried wood when you need it. The largest model holds up to 7 cords of wood!

Don’t forget added accessories like a rack bracket kit, covers, and anchors for your seasoning shed!

Hearth Accessories for Added Convenience

Once you’ve created the perfect firewood using log racks or seasoning sheds, it’s time to put it to the test in your fireplace! We offer a wide array of fireplace accessories to ensure convenience as well as your safety.

It all starts with a wood mover to bring logs back and forth from your shed to your hearth. The convenient rolling cart keeps you from having to lift heavy firewood and fits easily through doorways. Transfer the firewood to a stylish firewood holder where you can have easy access at your fireplace.

Finally, choose from a coal hod or tool set, and even an attractive screen to ensure safety and comfort at your fireside. These fireplace accessories will be a game-changer this winter!