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Hearth Products

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Stylish and Functional Hearth Products and Accessories

Whether you need a firewood tool set or you're looking for the perfect firewood screen, check out hearth products for the perfect fireplace set-up.

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    Fireplace Scrollwork Screen
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    Fireplace Scrollwork Screen
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    Fireplace Classic Screen
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        Fireplace 5-Piece Toolset

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        The Most Useful and Attractive Fireplace Tools for Your Hearth

        Do you and your family like to relax and unwind by a cozy fire on a cold winter’s night? ShelterLogic has attractive and practical fireplace tools, fireplace screens, and fireplace accessories you need to make the hearth your home’s perfect winter gathering spot.

        Our hearth products are not just functional, they give an attractive look to your hearth. Even if you only use your hearth as a conversation piece, your guests will love how ShelterLogic’s hearth products complement your home décor.

        Functional Fireplace Tools to Stoke the Fire and Clean Up Afterwards

        ShelterLogic’s 5-piece set of cast iron fireplace tools are ideal for safely stoking fires, repositioning logs, and keeping your hearth tidy. The ergonomically designed handles make the tools highly functional so you can safely and easily tend to the fire.

        Tongs are used to carefully add or reposition logs, and a poker is used to adjust your wood and stoke the flames. Moving and adjusting the wood means your fire gets more oxygen and burns longer. A shovel and a brush are used for scooping and sweeping used firewood and ash once your fire is extinguished. All those tools are then stored on a heavy-duty stand and gives your hearth a neat and organized appearance.

        Fireplace Screens to Keep Your Home Safe

        Fireplace screens are more than just ornamental: they help you safely enjoy your fire. A fireplace screen prevents sparks from entering the room and possibly igniting rugs or wood floors. What’s more, fireplace screens act as a barrier to keep your pets and kids safe from burns.

        ShelterLogic’s fireplace screens have strong all-steel frames but are lightweight enough to move so you can add and adjust firewood. The fireplace screens are ready to use right out of the box, and feature a three-panel hinged design allows for flexible positioning.

        Well-designed Fireplace Accessories that Complement Your Hearth

        ShelterLogic also makes attractive and durable all-steel fireplace accessories to help you transport wood to and ash from your hearth and are a must for your home.

        Firewood carts with pneumatic tires help you safely transport logs from your wood rack or seasoning shed to your hearth. Log holders let you neatly stack and appealingly store your seasoned firewood by your hearth. Coal buckets for great for safe removal of ash, logs, and other debris from your fireplace.

        When You Think of Fireplace Tools and Accessories, Think ShelterLogic

        When you buy ShelterLogic fireplace tools, fireplace accessories, and fireplace screens, you know you’re getting an American-made product that’s built-to-last. For over 25 years, ShelterLogic has been a household name you can rely on to deliver strength, durability, reliability, and functionality to the end user. In addition to hearth products, ShelterLogic is also a leading manufacturer of firewood seasoning sheds and firewood racks. What’s more, ShelterLogic is the leader in the shade, shelter, and storage category.