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Seasoning Sheds

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The Ultimate Firewood Shed

If your goal is to create burnable wood quickly for an efficient fire, investing in a firewood shed is your answer. A firewood seasoning shed is the ultimate in firewood and hearth accessories, allowing your wood to burn twice as fast as open air drying. Don’t store your firewood out in the elements when there's a tool that allows for the perfect amount of airflow for seasoned firewood.

Benefits of Sheds for Wood Storage

Storing your firewood in the elements can lead to wet wood that simply doesn’t create an optimal fire. Storing it improperly can also lead to mold or even pest infestation. When you utilize a specially designed shed for wood storage and seasoning, you are protecting your wood and ensuring it will be dry exactly when you need it. ShelterLogic Group has multiple firewood shed size options depending on how much wood you are looking to store. You can choose from 5 x 3.5 x 5 ft, 10 x 10 x 8 ft, or the largest 10 x 20 x 8 ft. model.

Each seasoning shed has a heavy-duty steel frame for extra strength and durability. The frame is also powder coated, which means it resists chipping, rust, and corrosion. It includes patent pending ShelterLock stabilizers for increased stability. In addition to the frame, these sheds for wood storage also have ultra-tough covers. The translucent polyethylene covers allow enough light in to keep the heat inside and aid in wood drying. In addition, they include a convenient front panel for easy access to your seasoned firewood. The specially designed vapor barrier combats moisture and condensation, allowing for the perfect environment for dry wood.

Which Firewood Shed is Right for You?

Deciding which firewood seasoning shed is the right option for you depends on how much wood you are looking to store, and how often you will need dry firewood. Here are your options:

Once you've chosen the firewood shed for you, don’t forget ShelterLogic Group also offers a number of accessories to accompany your seasoning shed, including anchors for increased stability.