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Adirondack Chairs

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Adirondack Chairs with an Island Twist

When you’re looking for a comfortable seating solution with a classic look, adirondack chairs are your best bet. Adirondack benches are distinctly designed outdoor furniture, synonymous with rest and relaxation. Constructed with spacious, angled backs and ultra-wide armrests, these gorgeous seats provide a roomy area to slow down and take in the great outdoors. It’s likely you’ve seen one of these attractive chairs on a beach or lakefront vacation. So why not bring one home to create your own staycation?

Whether you’re looking for a place to sit in your backyard while entertaining, or an area on your pool or patio to take in the sunshine, wood Adirondack chairs will bring your style and comfort to a whole new level. We offer an array of Adirondack chairs with a beachy twist, perfect for any outdoor oasis.

Comfortable Adirondack Benches for Supreme Relaxation

Adirondack chairs are designed with your comfort in mind, putting your body in a relaxed position while enjoying nature and great company alike. Many of our Adirondack benches put a new twist on a timeless look. Enjoy pops of color on these Adirondack benches with exciting designs that will have you wasting your cares away poolside with a drink in your hand.

Choose from Adirondack chairs with vibrant colors, with designs that will have you feeling like you’re on your favorite beach. Enjoy nautical themed seats with that are sure to add a surfside style to any outdoor space.

When you’re looking for more neutral Adirondack chairs with rustic wood features, we offer décor reminiscent of 1960’s American surf culture. This laid-back style fits in with any décor and any space, from balconies to gardens and patios. For a taste of vintage inspired décor, these wood Adirondack chairs are sure to breathe new life into any backyard bash.

Wood Adirondack Chairs for Any Outdoor Adventure

Adirondack benches give your yard an inviting feel, whether you plan to use them as a cozy spot to enjoy time with friends and family, or quiet moments in the sunshine. When you’re looking for benches and chairs for the outdoors, it’s important to remember they will be exposed to the weather. Choosing Adirondack chairs that can stand up to the elements is just as important as choosing a style that fits your unique taste.

Luckily, our wood Adirondack chairs are made to last and stand up to Mother Nature. Constructed with Poplar or Acacia wood, you can trust their strong construction. Our adirondack chairs are tested to hold weight capacities up to 500 lb. These chair choices are finished with durable paint and a waterproof, polyurethane finish to protect from the rain.

Stainless steel hardware adds another attractive quality to these Adirondack chairs, but also resist rust and corrosion. Easy assembly means you can be kicking back to relax with a drink in your hand in no time. When you’re looking for a modern take on simple, rustic comfort, a wood Adirondack chair is a beautiful addition to your deck, patio, or pool area.