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Gazebos + Solariums

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Entertain in Style with Gazebos and Solariums

Need a stylish space in your backyard for entertaining or relaxation? Shop ShelterLogic’s collection of hardtop and soft top gazebos, including metal solariums, wooden pergolas, grill gazebos, patio gazebos, gazebos with a metal roof, and more!

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    Sojag Monaco Gazebo
    3 Options Available
    Sojag Monaco Gazebo
    From $2,199.99
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    Sojag Monaco Champagne 12 ft. x 14 ft. Gazebo
  3. New
    Sojag Monaco Champagne 12 ft. x 12 ft. Gazebo
  4. New
    Sojag Monaco Champagne 10 ft. x 10 ft. Gazebo
  5. $2,399.99
  6. $2,699.99
  7. $2,999.99
  8. $2,529.99
  9. Model #500-9167818
    Yamba 10 ft. x 16.5 ft. Pergola
  10. Model #500-9167801
    Yamba 10 ft. x 13 ft. Pergola
  11. Model #448-9168037
    Sojag Bolata Solarium 10 x 17 ft
  12. Model #500-9168013
    Sojag Nanda Gazebo 12 x 12 ft
  13. $689.99
  14. $689.99
  15. $689.99
  16. $2,299.99
  17. Model #24027
    Cypress Gazebo, 10 ft. x 12 ft.
  18. Model #24026
    Magnolia Gazebo, 11 ft. x 11 ft. Bronze
    • $1,069.99

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    Shop ShelterLogic’s collection of hardtop and soft top gazebos, including metal solariums, wooden pergolas, grill gazebos, patio gazebos, and more!

    A simple way to add character, style, and shade to your backyard is by adding gazebos and solariums to your property. These attractive shade structures are perfect for protecting your patio from inclement weather, providing shade for family gatherings, or even adding an elegant aesthetic to your garden. These versatile buildings add functionality and value to your outdoor space. ShelterLogic Group has multiple gazebo styles to choose from that will fit any décor perfectly.

    Versatile and Attractive Soft Top Gazebos

    When value and versatility are at the top of your list, soft top gazebos are a solid choice to add to any property. These stunning patio gazebos give superior shade at an affordable price. These are a great alternative to traditional wood gazebos that still give you protection from harmful UV rays and shelter from the elements. They are manufactured with ultra-strong ripstop fabric featuring retractable options for even more shade. If you're looking for a strong patio gazebo without breaking the bank, these gorgeous options are for you. The benefits of soft top gazebos also include:

    • Durable water-resistant fire-rated covers
    • High quality steel tube frame that is powder coated and rust-resistant
    • Easy assembly with no additional parts needed

    Practical and Durable Hardtop Gazebos

    For an ultra-strong and modern structure to protect you and your company from the blazing sun, choosing a hardtop gazebo is a fabulous option. These durable gazebos will raise the bar with relaxation providing you with plenty of shade and style in your outdoor space. The sturdy roofs are made from powder coated galvanized steel, ensuring protection from the elements and resistance to rust and corrosion. You can even choose from different colors that will blend perfectly with your outdoor décor. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, or entertaining guests for a party, you will be glad you chose a hardtop gazebo.

    If you are the grill master always in charge of delivering delicious food to your guests, you can even choose a handy grill gazebo. You will protect yourself and the food from the elements, with convenient shelving that acts as outdoor counter space. A grill gazebo is a must if you need a working area while entertaining.

    Add Light and Style with Solariums

    If you want to extend the living space of your home while soaking in the sun, a solarium is the perfect addition to any house! A solarium can bring so much enjoyment to your living space, whether you use it as a shelter for your hot tub or even a dining area. These solariums are constructed using powder coated aluminum that is chip-resistant and durable. Sunrooms are sturdy additions that can hold up to rough weather, and are corrosion resistant. Solariums also include:

    • Mosquito netting for added comfort
    • PVC windows
    • Galvanized steel panel roofing

    You can choose from models that attach to your home, or ones that are completely separate. Either choice will add value to your property and enjoyment for years to come.


    How are Freestanding and Wall-mounted Gazebos Different?

    A freestanding patio gazebo is a completely self-supporting structure, which means you can place one anywhere on your property. A freestanding outdoor patio gazebo is open on all four sides to give you frequent air circulation and an unobstructed view of your beautiful backyard space.

    SOJAG wall-mounted patio gazebos are attached to an exterior wall of your home. Like freestanding patio gazebos, wall-mounted gazebos can also be mounted on and anchored to any patio surface.

    Freestanding patio gazebos have quality aluminum frames that support a fabric roof, a polycarbonate roof, or a metal gazebo roof that's made of galvanized steel and is treated to prevent corrosion.  Freestanding patio gazebos come equipped with mosquito netting, which can be drawn closed to keep bugs and pests out. Optional patio gazebo curtains can be purchased and used to keep the wind or sun from ruining your day, to keep warmth in on a colder day, or to create a private, more intimate setting.

    Wall-mounted gazebos have powder-coated aluminum frames that provide stylish support to your patio gazebo roof. A hard top wall-mounted patio gazebo with a metal roof has a galvanized steel rood. A hard-top wall-mounted patio gazebo can also have a polycarbonate roof. A soft top wall-mounted gazebo has a fabric roof that can be removed during the winter months.

    What is a Metal Gazebo?

    A metal gazebo is a gazebo with a metal roof. A metal gazebo costs the fraction of a traditional wood gazebo, offers the same protection from the weather, and can give your backyard the same beautiful appearance.

    A metal gazebo roof is made of galvanized steel and is treated to prevent corrosion so you can enjoy your outdoor gazebo with metal roof for quite a long time.

    SOJAG manufactures and markets a wide assortment of soft top and hardtop metal gazebos that are an excellent wood gazebo alternative. A metal framed gazebo is made with corrosion-resistant aluminum frames, have roofs made of fabric, galvanized steel, or translucent polycarbonate material, and will give your family years of enjoyment to come.

    SOJAG Metal Gazebos for Sale

    SOJAG sells three tiers of metal patio gazebos: Standard Gazebos, Premium Gazebos, and Superior Gazebos.

    A Standard Gazebo can add both classiness and practicality to your backyard space. These patio gazebos are made of quality materials and have an appealing price-point. A standard gazebo with metal roof can give your yard a new look and raise your property value.

    Made with very-strong, rust-resistant galvanized steel and other quality materials, our Premium Gazebos are first in class when it comes to upscale garden shade for the patio. 

    Our range of attractive Superior Gazebos are made with advanced materials and will create elegant design and superb shade in your backyard space. Produced with exceptional quality aluminum and steel, our superior metal patio gazebos will give your backyard space an attractive upgrade. 

    Installation Service is Available for Your Patio Gazebo

    Your patio gazebo is a major investment and if you are not a very handy person, it can be difficult to install. But there's no need to worry about assembling and installing your patio gazebo yourself when you can have the professionals do it for you

    ShelterLogic Group has teamed up with Go Configure to provide professional installation services for your SOJAG gazebo. The service offers simple and easy assembly to get your gazebo set up professionally and perfectly in your backyard.

    Before your patio gazebo can be installed, you will need to have a base made out of concrete, brick, paver stones, wood, or wood composite fully prepared. If you have an existing base in place, such as a patio or a deck, you can save some money and install your gazebo directly on this surface. This can save you a lot of time in the installation process. However, if you do not have an existing base for your patio gazebo, you’re going to have to build one.

    Frequently Asked Gazebo and Solarium Questions:

    What is the difference between pergolas and gazebos?

    The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is the roof. A pergola will have slatted roofs that let sunlight and rain through, whereas a gazebo will have a completely enclosed roof that provides total coverage from the sun.

    Are gazebos good for shade?

    Gazebos are an excellent option for outdoor shade. Hard top gazebos such as metal roof gazebos and galvanized steel roof gazebos provide long-lasting and durable outdoor shade options. These metal roofs are designed and built to withstand harsh weather environments.

    Is a pergola or gazebo better?

    In terms of shade coverage, a gazebo will provide much more shade than a standard pergola. In general, most pergolas have slatted roofs that allow for some sunlight to pass through whereas gazebos provide full coverage from sunlight. A gazebo has a much larger footprint in your backyard compared to a pergola.

    Does a gazebo add value to a home?

    A gazebo will add some amount of value to a home. Installing a permanent gazebo instantly increases your property value since it creates a more unique and personal backyard space.

    What is the average price for a gazebo?

    The average price for a gazebo can range from $1,000 to $4,500. ShelterLogic offers hard top gazebos at a wide price range so that you can find the perfect fit for your home. We also offer installation services so you can rest easy and let our professionals handle it.