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Fashionable Pergolas to Upgrade Your Patio

Pergolas are a charming way to add character, sun shade, and privacy to your patio and outdoor entertaining space. At ShelterLogic, you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colors to discover the perfect pergola for your home.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is an excellent option if you want a shelter that is airy and open. This type of outdoor patio structure is made of pillars or posts, which support crossbeams that create an open lattice roof. A pergola is often used to cover a sitting area, passageway, or shaded walkway. A fabric cover can be used atop a pergola to create customizable shade.

The Benefits of Backyard Pergolas

If you’re looking for a way to increase your outdoor living space’s functionality as well as add style and character to your backyard entertaining area, a pergola is the perfect investment. Pergolas provide partial patio cover with plenty of shade, allowing you to extend your time spent outside during the warmer seasons. Protect guests and outdoor decor from harmful UV rays with polyester side panels or use your pergola in the garden to keep flowers from burning in the summer heat. Pergolas can also make for beautiful walkways for backyard features, as well as offer coverage for seating and picnic areas.

Pergola Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of having a pergola?

For homeowners, pergolas serve many functions—not only are they a popular way to add character to your backyard with attractive architecture and floral decoration, but they also offer sun protection and privacy. Our pergolas come with retractable privacy screens that allow you to shade yourself from direct sunlight for a cooler environment on warm days, as well as enjoy time outside without interruption from neighbors.

Why Does a Pergola Not Have a Roof?

Pergolas are only intended to provide protection from direct sunlight. Although a pergola can be covered with shade cloth to maximize shade opportunities, it is not designed to protect people from the rain.

What is the Difference Between a Pergola and Gazebo?

While a pergola has crossbeams that create an open lattice roof, a gazebo has a solid waterproof roof made of aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, or fabric. The function of the roofs is different. Generally, a gazebo roof blocks both the sun and the wind, while sunlight and air pass through a pergola roof.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a pergola?

When it comes to breaking down the cost of investing in a patio pergola, you’ll want to consider your patio’s size, your personal experience with similar DIY projects, equipment needs, as well as time value. At ShelterLogic, we offer cost-effect pergola kits, allowing for easy installation and hassle-free assembly, making pergola construction convenient and cost-effective.

Does a pergola add value to a home?

Pergolas can add value to a home not only by increasing curb appeal, but also by giving homeowners a private space to enjoy time outside.