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Beach Chairs

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Recline and Relax in Stylish and Functional Comfortable Beach Chairs

Relaxing and reclining has never been easier than with our selection of beach chairs. Get comfortable and lightweight beach chairs for your next vacation, camping trip or simply your backyard.

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    4-Position Folding Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Blue
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    4-Position Folding Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Multi
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    4-Position Folding Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Red
  4. Model #SC602TB-103B-1
    Tommy Bahama The Easy In-Easy Out chair
    Tommy Bahama
  5. Model #SC602TB-103A-1
    Tommy Bahama Easy In-Easy Out Chair
    Tommy Bahama
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    Margaritaville 5-Position Beach Chair
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  9. Model #BHC101-46-1
    RIO Gear Breeze Hammock Chair
    RIO Brands
  10. Model #142038DS
    Beach Recliner Shade Chair, Navy/White
    Quik Shade
  11. Model #SC650TB-626B-1
    The 4-Position Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair
    Tommy Bahama
  12. Model #SC650TB-626A-1
    4-Position Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair
    Tommy Bahama
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    RIO The Transporter Chair - Surf Power Stripe
    Model #SC500-2001-1
    RIO The Transporter Chair - Surf Power Stripe
    RIO Brands

Items 1-20 of 38

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Life Is a Beach, and You Need a Folding Beach Chair

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach, sitting in a folding beach chair with your toes in the sand. You recline your beach chair back and reach for your favorite beverage, which gently rests in the drink holder. You take a sip, adjust the volume on your earbuds, and you’re snapped out of your dream as “Baby Shark” begins to play.

Even if you’re far from vacation mode, life is a beach, and you need a beach chair to enjoy it. Beach chairs are not solely for the surf and sand. From the backyard to the ballgame, our strong, fashionable, functional beach chairs go anywhere you want to take them. Even if you can’t take a holiday, our folding beach chairs will help you escape.

Durable and Rust-Proof Beach Chairs for Your Next Adventure

Beach chairs are built with strong but lightweight rust-proof aluminum frames and durable, breathable polyester fabric seats. They can have metal, hardwood, or plastic arms. Some beach chairs even have built-in mesh cup holders and fabric cell phone storage sacks. Stylish and sturdy beach chairs can recline to several positions to give you the comfort you need. Folding beach chairs come in multiple seat heights: a low chair will let you stretch your legs, and higher ones allow you to sit up straight. Some beach chairs have built-in adjustable canopies to protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Beach chairs can be folded flat for simple storage: stow them in the trunk of your car, in a closet, or on a hook in your garage for safekeeping.

Show Your Style with a Beach Chair

Folding beach chairs aren’t just functional: they’re made to look good! With several vibrant hues and trendy patterns to choose from, a beach chair is also a fashion accessory. Let your true colors shine in a beach chair that lets you be yourself!

Beach Chairs with Unmatched Comfort

A day at the beach with your toes in the sand is one of the simple joys of life. But sitting on a towel on the ground can become uncomfortable as you try to read a book, eat, or lay back and relax. That is why adding folding beach chairs to every outdoor sports and recreation adventure is a simple way to elevate your comfort. Beach chairs from ShelterLogic provide both beauty and brawn, with multiple colors and a high-quality construction that will last summer after summer.

Lightweight Beach Chairs with Maximum Versatility

While these beach chairs are ideal for spending time by the surf, there are many different ways to utilize these stylish seating solutions through every season. Don’t limit yourself to the sand. Utilize beach chairs for every outdoor adventure, including:

  • Camping: Having a lightweight beach chair that can easily move from the fireside to the river to fish is an ideal tool to have in your camping arsenal. Allow yourself to sit back and escape the city life with incredible creature comforts like built-in cupholders.
  • Game day: Nothing spoils a good tailgate like having nowhere to sit. Lightweight beach chairs are the perfect game day accessory, allowing you to kick back and relax while waiting for the big game. They’re even a perfect alternative for the bleachers at your child’s soccer games.
  • Concerts: Outdoor concerts become more enjoyable when you have your own place to sit and enjoy the music. Enjoy easy transport to and from the show with included carry bags.
  • Barbecues: Whether you need extra space in a snap for unexpected company, or simply want to relax in the sun while enjoying a hot dog, folding beach chairs are an effortless way to add seating to any outdoor barbecue.
  • Farmer’s Market: Selling your goods at a farmer’s market is a great way to gain exposure for any small business. But hours on your feet can become tedious without a place to sit. Beach chairs allow some respite from the event while giving you time to relax.
  • Dog park: Dog parks are more popular than ever, which means bench space inside the park is at a premium. Bring your own folding beach chairs to enjoy time with your best friend in style and comfort.

Benefits of Lightweight Beach Chairs

Lightweight beach chairs are perfect for every outdoor adventure. There are multiple benefits to consider when purchasing the ideal beach chair for your events, including:

  • Affordable: Choose from folding beach chairs that fit into every budget. From basic seating solutions to lightweight beach chairs with all the bells and whistles, find an option that works for your wallet.
  • Stylish: Lay back and relax in style with bright and airy beach designs on each of our beach chairs. Never lose your spot on the beach with vibrantly colored seating solutions in the sand.
  • Simple transport: The lightweight design means no sweat when transporting your beach chairs from the beach to the car. An included carry bag with comfortable shoulder strap makes traveling with these seating solutions a breeze.
  • Durable: All-steel frames with powder coated construction coupled with ultra-strong polyethylene covers makes these beach chairs ultra durable and ready to take on the elements.

Folding Beach Chairs with Ultimate Creature Comforts

Whether you’re in vacation mode on the beach, or need a comfortable spot to enjoy the big game, these beach chairs are packed with extras that make your day more enjoyable. Strong, fashionable, and functional, you’ll also find amazing features including:

  • Breathable seats: Choose from seats with a breathable mesh construction that increases airflow while you’re lounging in the sun. This helps keep you comfortable in the elements no matter the season.
  • Cupholders and beverage openers: There’s nothing that stops the fun like having to get up to get your drink, or setting it on the ground where it can easily spill. Enjoy foldable beach chairs with built-in cupholders so your favorite drink is always at your fingertips, whether at the beach or on the campsite. Also choose from options with built-in beverage openers, so there’s no need to remember an additional can opener.
  • Multiple positions and seat heights: Whether you want to fully recline to sunbathe, or sit up to read a good book, your seating solution should move with you. That’s why our folding beach chairs provide up to 5 reclining positions for ultimate comfort. Choose from models with extra height to make getting up and sitting down easier if you have a bad back or bad knees.
  • Built-in canopies: Bring sun protection anywhere you go with lightweight beach chairs that offer built-in sun canopies. Choose from models with adjustable canopies that you can move as the sun moves. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and skin cancer with a shade solution attached to your comfortable seat.
  • Increased support: Just because these seating solutions are lightweight doesn’t mean they can’t offer increased weight and back support. Choose from options with larger backs for extra support where you really need it.
  • Safety brackets: If you’ve ever experienced the annoyance of setting up a chair only to have your fingers pinched, rest easy knowing these folding beach chairs have safety brackets that keep your hands and fingers safe. Our specially designed reclining brackets will ensure your set up is easy breezy.
  • Read-through feature: Sun bathing can always be more enjoyable with a good book, but it can be uncomfortable while trying to lay on your stomach and read at the same time. Choose from a chair with a unique feature that allows you to lay on your stomach while reading your favorite book or magazine through the chair seat. This smart design brings ultimate comfort and versatility to the sand.
  • Towel bar: Your towel can get sandy and wet while resting on the ground. Built-in towel bars make it easier to keep it clean for multiple uses, whether by the water or at the camp site.
  • Mesh pocket: Even while you’re enjoying Mother Nature, it’s likely you might need your phone and car keys nearby. A built-in mesh pocket on these folding beach chairs keeps your important belongings at arm's reach no matter how far out you venture.
  • Head rest: Bring the comfort of home to the great outdoors with a head rest built right into a chair. Choose from lightweight beach chair models with this incredible creature comfort for optimal relaxation.
  • Backpack chair: Convenience meets style with beach chairs that turn into a backpack. Spacious enough to carry all your beach gear, this backpack transforms back into a comfy chair for your outdoor event.
  • Ottoman lounger: Take your living room to the campsite with beach chairs that have built-in ottomans for a cozy place to kick back and relax. A functional seating solution with an added lumbar pillow will wash all your cares away during your next vacation.

Beach Chairs Mix Beauty and Brawn

Beach chairs help you escape from everyday life to rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. Created with style and beauty in mind, you can rest assured these beach chairs are built to last season after season. Ultra-strong polyethylene fabric is both rugged and comfortable, while a lightweight aluminum rust proof frame staves off corrosion that can come with exposure to the elements. Never sacrifice style for strength with these high-quality beach chairs.