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Stadium Seats

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Stadium Seats for Comfortable Seating at the Big Game

Take comfortable seating to the big game with stadium seats and bleacher cushions from ShelterLogic. Easy to carry, transport and set up: transform uncomfortable benches to cushioned chairs anytime, anywhere.

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    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss MyPod Stadium Seat, Steel Blue - Pack of 4
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    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss MyPod Stadium Seat, Crimson - Pack of 4
    Special Price $14.45 Regular Price $29.99
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    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Bud Stadium Seat, Yellow - Pack of 6
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    Camp & Go Stadium Seat
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    Camp & Go Stadium Seat
    Camp & Go
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    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Pal Stadium Seat
    RIO Brands
    From $34.99
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    RIO Bleacher Boss Stadium Seat with Arms
    RIO Brands
    From $34.99
  7. 4 Options Available
    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss MyPod Stadium Seat
    RIO Brands
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    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Folding Stadium Seat
    RIO Brands
  9. 5 Options Available
    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Bud Stadium Seat
    RIO Brands

9 Items

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Make the Bleachers More Comfortable with a Stadium Seat

Watching your son or daughter play their favorite sport or watching your college team advance their way to a championship game should bring joy and excitement, but sitting on metal or wood bleachers to watch them play can be a pain in the butt—and the back. Not only are hard, cold bleacher seats uncomfortable for your rear, they also can place enormous strain on your lower back and lead to stiff walks back to the car. With stadium seats, you can remove the distraction and discomfort of hard benches behind and focus on the game you love. At ShelterLogic, we provide a variety of lightweight, portable stadium seats with premium features and unbeatable comfort.

Stadium Seats Designed for Comfort and Built to Last

When searching for the best stadium seat cushions, comfort is key. They’ll not only make those hard bleachers comfortable on your bottom: they provide the firm lower back support you need to make it through the game. Not only do our stadium seats provide ample soft, thick cushioning and supportive backrests, but they also come with a number of other unique features for the best gameday experience. Here is just a snapshot of the features some of our bleacher seats provide:

  • Convenient shoulder straps and compact, portable, and lightweight designs make for easy carrying
  • Simple set up with buckles for surefire stability
  • Adjustable backrests so you can recline if you feel the need
  • Padded armrests for added comfort during long games
  • Built-in cup holders to hold drinks, snacks, keys, and more
  • Convenient pockets to keep cell phones and other items safe and within reach
  • Heating pack pockets to provide extra warmth during cooler seasons
  • A variety of colors to choose from, so you can show your team spirit or your own style
  • Flat folding for easy postgame storage

With endless premium features and intelligent designs, portable stadium seats work well with any bleacher-type seating and are perfect for any outdoor game or event.

Durable Bleacher Seats for Long-Lasting Comfort

When investing in a stadium seat, durability is just as important as comfort. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite college team or cheering on the grandkids, you want to trust that your experience is elevated game after game for seasons to come. At ShelterLogic, we’ve designed our stadium chairs with high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting comfort. Powder coated steel frames provide rugged stability, as well as rust and corrosion-resistance for outdoor, all-weather sports. Our stadium seat cushions are also made with high-quality, durable fabrics to withstand frequent use, spills, and warm or rainy weather.

Stadium Seats: Created with Customers in Mind

We work hard to develop products that are creatively and precisely aligned with what customers want to buy. Since its beginning, RIO Brands has been dedicated to service, value, and originality, and builds its products to the highest quality levels in the business. We don’t just make stadium seats: RIO Brands is a leader in the outdoor leisure space. Choose us for the beach, camping, backyard, and more.

Stadium Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Are stadium seats worth it?

There’s no questioning that bleachers may be the most uncomfortable place to sit—that’s why stadium seats are a genius investment for parents, grandparents, and sports superfans alike. They make long days and weekends at the fields bearable so you can enjoy the action and excitement of watching your favorite team or athlete perform. They’re easily packable and portable, ensure a warmer seat on cold days, provide a number of unique features for added convenience, and are a life-saver when it comes to hip and lower back pain.

Not only do our stadium seats work well for outdoor sporting events, but they’re also perfect for concerts, assemblies, and even canoes, ensuring your investment goes beyond weekend tournaments!

Watching a game or headed to a tailgate where bleacher seating isn’t available? At ShelterLogic, we provide a wide range of outdoor folding chairs for you to choose from—including canopy chairs to protect you from the sun, backpack chairs for easy transport to and from the vehicle, and comfortable folding lawn chairs with incredible features at an unbeatable price.

How much do stadium seats cost?

Stadium seats are an affordable outdoor chair solution with prices typically ranging from $15 for the most basic features to $40 for all of the bells and whistles. You even have the option to save when you buy your stadium seats in packs of 4 or more.

How do you use stadium seats?

Our stadium seats offer a quick, convenient setup. Simply place the bottom of the seat on a bench or bleacher, then secure your seat using the attached heavy-duty straps. Many of our stadium seats come with buckles to make the setup process even easier and more secure.