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Corral Shelter

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Innovative Shelter for Instant Shade Anywhere

Are you looking for an innovative solution to protect horses and livestock from the elements? ShelterLogic's Corral Shelters work with your existing corral gates and fences.

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    Enclosure Kit for Corral Shelter
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    Corral Shelter, Galvanized 12 ft. x 12 ft.
    • 100% ASTM A500 galvanized steel
    • Universal cover attachment for corral gates and panels
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An Innovative, Portable Corral Shelter for Instant Shade Anywhere

Are you looking for a multipurpose, portable shade and shelter solution to protect animals, feed, or equipment on the farm? Take a look at the Corral Shelter livestock shade, which is one of ShelterLogic’s most convenient and creative equine innovations! The versatile Corral Shelter shade and shelter canopy is designed to protect horses and livestock from the heat and sun. It can also be used to create a storage shed for hay, feed, farm equipment, and much more!

How Does a Corral Shelter Work?

Innovative and handy corral shelters conveniently attach to existing corral gates and fences (sold separately) to convert an ordinary corral gate into a durable, reliable universal shade solution and horse shelter. Simply attach the unit to corral gates and create a horse shelter that can be used anywhere in the field! You can offer up additional wind protection by adding a separately sold ShelterLogic corral enclosure kit.

Why a Corral Shelter is Important for Equine Health

Horses need to be in the field so they can run and graze. But when they’re out in the pasture, they are not protected from the elements. Overexposure to the rain and wind can cause skin and hoof conditions, and too much time in the sun and heat can cause sunburn and heat stroke. Horses need a place to escape the weather when they’re out in the field. Help keep your horse healthy when it’s out in the pasture with a Corral Shelter.

What Do You Get with a ShelterLogic Corral Shelter?

Whether you choose the Powder Coated, Premium Powder Coated or Galvanized unit, each all-steel Corral Shelter includes these outstanding features:

  • Ripstop Tough Fabric Cover: The canopy cover is heat sealed for maximum water resistance and UV treated to prevent fading and premature aging.
  • ShelterLock Stabilizers: These secure fasteners are at every rib corner to give your horse shelter rock-solid strength and stability.
  • Ratchet-Tite Tensioning: This system delivers immediate and continuous frame to anchor tightening to keep the cover tight on the horse shelter.
  • Added Safety: There are protective boots for each corner to prevent accidental injuries to horses and livestock.

Get a Convenient, Portable Horse Shelter Solution from ShelterLogic

A ShelterLogic Corral Shelter can be set up anywhere you need to offer horses protection from the elements. You can also use a Corral Shelter to create a storage space for feed, hay, and anything else you want to keep protected from the elements. Practical and tough, these multipurpose portable shelters are a must for farmers, ranchers, and anybody who owns a horse!