Get Festive with these 4th of July Party Essentials

4th of July
June 22, 2021

The 4th of July is a time for Americans to celebrate the country’s independence with poolside parties and fun-filled barbecues with family and friends. When planning your 4th of July party, don’t forget the importance of protecting guests from the blazing summer heat.

It’s not enough to provide only seating for partygoers. Make sure to have high-quality shade on hand to shield them from the sun to allow for an ultra-comfortable atmosphere as you party the day away.

Here are must-have shade accessories for any 4th of July party.

The Importance of Sun Protection for Any 4th of July Party

There’s no doubt that sitting in the scorching sunlight can put a damper on any 4th of July BBQ. But there is an even more important reason to make sure to have reliable shade when celebrating the 4th of July. The simplest way to prevent skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, is to stay in the shade. With skin cancer being the most common form in the United States, it’s crucial to wear sunscreen and stay out of the harmful UV rays. Experts say you’re more prone to this type of cancer if you have these risk factors:

  • Fair skin
  • History of sunburns
  • Repeat sun exposure
  • Family history
  • Weakened immune system

Staying under a sun shade and wearing sun screen will greatly reduce your chances of skin cancer. Investing in a reliable shade solution will be well worth the money when it comes to protecting your health and your friends and family.

4th of july party4th of july party

Best Outdoor Shades for the Perfect 4th of July BBQ

Before choosing the ideal sun shade for your 4th of July party, decide how many people you plan to invite to determine the type of shelter that works best for your needs, property, and budget. From portable to permanent, compact to spacious, you’ll add comfort and class to any outdoor gathering with one of these versatile shelters.

Canopies for Added Comfort and Ease

When you need simple coverage without breaking the bank, an outdoor canopy will bring your 4th of July party to the next level. You’ll have less time dedicated to setup and more moments for cooking on the grill and relaxing poolside with one of these gorgeous canopies.

Pop-up canopies: These are the best option when you need quick shade in a snap with effortless assembly. Keep guests safe from damaging UV rays, or utilize a pop-up canopy to keep those 4th of July recipes from spoiling in the direct sunlight. Some canopies that show off red white and blue pride include:

  • American Pride Pop-Up Canopy: Add a burst of patriotic flair to any 4th of July party with a pop-up canopy with stars and stripes. This straight leg canopy offers 100 square feet of coverage in minutes with an ultra-durable water-resistant polyester cover. The 50+ UPF sun protection blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, which means you’ll be safe enjoying the festivities.
  • Super Star Pop-Up Canopy: This slant leg shade solution features a beautiful blue and white star aesthetic that will seamlessly blend into any 4th of July BBQ. Enjoy 200 square feet of coverage for your gathering, along with a powder coated construction to resist chipping and rust. This canopy protects your loved ones while adding a celebratory style to any backyard bash.

Portable canopies for larger gatherings: When you need a more spacious area with superior coverage to keep guests and food protected from the heat and insects, opt for larger canopy options with simple setup for an easy breezy gathering. These customizable options come in an array of sizes, styles, and colors. A couple ideal options for a 4th of July BBQ include:

  • Ultra Max Canopy: This durable shade option allows for a much larger get together with increased shade and comfort. Enjoy this 16-leg canopy with a waterproof and UV treated cover for ultimate protection. This choice features enough space to keep food and seating all under one roof for a 4th of July party to remember.
  • Accelaframe Canopy: When you need reliable coverage with minimal setup, this shade solution can be ready in just 15 minutes. Assembly is a snap thanks to an innovative Accelaframe system unique to this canopy. This is the perfect option for impromptu parties or for families who love hosting outdoor events year-round.
4th of july party4th of july party

Add Stylish Gazebos or Solariums with Sophisticated Flair

Gazebos and solariums are a solid choice for any 4th of July party to provide increased comfort with a special spot to gather in any outdoor space. When adding a gazebo for your backyard party, the biggest benefit is you’ll get to enjoy this decorative addition to your home all year long, adding character and a gorgeous focal point to your space. Here are some ideal

  • Soft top gazebos: These types of gazebos provide all the benefit of a traditional hard top gazebo at a fraction of the cost. You’ll love these durable and portable shades made with water- and fire-resistant fabric that comes in stylish colors to blend with your outdoor aesthetic.
  • Hard top gazebos: These stunning and functional gazebos are manufactured using polycarbonate and powder coated aluminum, ideal for a clean and modern look that stands up to the elements. Your 4th of July BBQ would benefit from a hard top gazebo with grill space, adding protection for the food and the chef.
  • Solariums: If a 4th of July party is only the beginning of your entertainment season, a solarium serves as a cost-effective and more permanent option by adding a sunroom to your living space. Enjoy the great outdoors while comfortably protected from the elements all day long with one of these gorgeous home additions.

Versatile Umbrella Options for the 4th of July

Umbrellas are a simple way to keep guests safe from the sun on the 4th of July, whether it’s sitting by the pool or relaxing in the garden while enjoying your favorite 4th of July recipes. Choose the LED Market Umbrella in two different earth tones for a creative way to shield yourself from the sun, or light up the night! These versatile shade solutions come with LED lights that can even adjust brightness levels for ultimate customization. These sophisticated options can be used long after your 4th of July party, perfect for entertaining just about anywhere. These umbrellas also include:

·         3 tilt positions to move your shade with the sun

·         65 square feet of unbeatable UV protection, covering up to 8 people

·         USB port to charge your phone or tablet for optimum comfort

4th of july party4th of july party

Add Sun Shades for Mix and Match Elegance

Sun shades are practical and stylish additions to any back yard bash. Sun shades and sun sails offer optimal customization, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind shelter to fit the style and aesthetic of any outdoor space. If your 4th of July party is small, you may only need a few of these shade solutions to keep your gathering covered. But the sky is the limit for larger gatherings when you can choose from multiple colors and sizes for an incredible pop of color that also protects guests from harmful UV rays.

A 4th of July Party Tent for Maximum Coverage

If you’re ready to host a large gathering in your outdoor space, a party tent can be a sound investment if you plan to use it over and over again. A party tent for the 4th of July will keep everyone cool for an affordable price. Considering the expense of rentals, this shade solution will pay off big if you choose to utilize it for other outdoor events like weddings or even farmers markets. These party tents are also customizable, featuring different colors, styles, as well as enclosure kits for maximum protection from the elements. Party tents also include:

  • 10 x 10 ft. or 20 x 20 ft. Models
  • Waterproof and fire rated for incredible durability
  • Galvanized steel construction prevents rust and shipping for ultimate strength

Celebrate the 4th of July Safely in Style

Independence Day is all about enjoying the great outdoors with friends, family, and tasty patriotic treats. But you can’t forget to keep your family and friends safe from the harsh sunlight that can cause skin cancer. Investing in a high-quality sun shade will not only protect your guests while providing them a comfy respite from scorching heat. These shade solutions also add a touch of class, character, and curb appeal to any home. Whether utilizing a shade sail or umbrella for a smaller gathering, or a party tent or gazebo for a larger 4th of July party, your investment is sure to pay off for years to come.

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